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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Dinner at Sushi Airways Japanese Restaurant @ Bugis (Revisit)

20A Baghdad Street, Singapore 199659
Tel: 6291 1151

Having visited Sushi Airways before (review here), and falling in love with both their design and theme, I decided to bring the SIL here for her birthday meal. This Japanese restaurant will have you "jetting" off to fanciful flights of delectable delights as you sit in its aircraft-themed ambience, whether you are looking out the windows or sitting along the "aisle".

As mentioned in my previous post, reservations are strongly recommended, as this is a very small restaurant and you wouldn't want to risk disappointment of not having a table. Your reservations confirmation comes in the form of a Boarding Pass, so feel free to indulge and pretend that you are really onboard an airplane, beckoning the "stewardesses" at your desire.

Chawamnushi (SGD$8.00) aka steamed egg custard was laden with lots of ingredients such as mushrooms and shrimps at the bottom, giving extra bites to this satin-smooth delicacy.

Next, we went for the Sashimi Moriwase Set Promotion at SGD$78.00, starting with two Fresh French Oysters (SGD$8.00 each) - fleshy, juicy and utterly succulent,  we ordered another four more of these oysters on half shelves.

Then there was the Sashimi Moriwase (SGD$62.00) - namely, assortment of fresh slices of raw fish / seafood - ocean salmon sashimi, swordfish sashimi, raw scallop sashimi, yellowtail sashimi, sea bream sashimi, and squid sashimi. All the fish slices were saccharine and fresh, I loved the scallops especially.

Following that, we had the Double Salmon Roll (SGD$30.00) which consisted of raw salmon (sashimi) on the inside curled up with cucumber, and wrapped on the outside by aburi-style salmon, topped with crispy, deep-fried salmon skin. This was heaven for salmon lovers like us.

Finally, Soft Shelled Crab Maki (SGD$22.00) - crispy soft shelled crab, scallions, flying fish roe, vegetables and spicy sauce rolled up between pearl rice and seaweed sheets - an utterly tasty combination bursting with flavours and different textures.

We left Sushi Airways feeling very satisfied with our sumptuous feast, delighted by the efficient service and definitely have plans to revisit time and again.

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