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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Afternoon Tea at Moosehead Kitchen & Bar @ Telok Ayer

110 Telok Ayer, Singapore 068579
Tel: 6636 8055

An edgy Indie restaurant and bar speared by Daniel Ballis and housed in a pre-war shophouse unit along Telok Ayer Street - Moosehead Kitchen & Bar exudes an exotic vibe that hints at something vintage, but moderne at the same time. It is more of a culture, of art, of Mediterranean and individualistic global cuisine and trend, than merely a restaurant and bar.

An eclectic selection of furniture decorate the place neatly, from hanging flowerpots over high bar-tables, to graffiti-like murals and painted moosehead, etc.  I love the rustic and artistic settings and rather friendly service rendered.

Olives were the snack of choice this afternoon over business discussion - large, crunchy, juicy and salty. I love olives, whether eaten on their own, in salads or in Martinis.

Cappuccino was brimmed with foam so it kissed the lips gingerly, leaving traces of cocoa powder to dry on them, while aromatic coffee rushed in to meet the demands of the palate boldly. Beautiful rush of flavours.

Hot Chocolate was smooth and robust in chocolatey sweetness, warming the soul through its slow slither through the throat. I loved it.

I want to return for their creative food items influenced by flavours from the world, oh yes I do.

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