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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Afternoon Tea at Mellower Coffee @ Robinson Road (Revisit)

77 Robinson Road #01-03 Singapore 088896
Tel: 6532 2436
After a pretty mediocre lunch nearby, 3 of us decided to compensate with some good coffee, so we popped by Mellower Coffee for respite. This was another revisit of mine, a lovely discovery when it was a new cafe on the block (review here).

Okay, the main point was also because I was intrigued by photos of a new coffee concept posted by a good friend, and wanted dearly to try their "Sweet Little Rain" Coffee (SGD$9.15) aka Candy Floss Americano. Yes, it was that straight-forward, a huge white fluffy cotton candy suspended over a cup of black coffee, so that the heat from the steam melts the sugar to drip slowly into the coffee, sweetening it.

Well, except that I didn't wait 15 minutes for the candyfloss to drip by itself. Impatience and an "accident" knocked the candyfloss neatly into my Americano, neutralizing its bitterness instantly. Surprisingly, the creation was not overly sweet - the taste was just right for me, akin to having placed 2 to 3 packets of brown sugar into my black coffee. Only that the coffee also came with a subtle familiarity one associates with cotton candy - and hey, the rim, ear and sides of my coffee cup wasn't stickily coated with melted candy.

The Mocha (SGD$6.20) was aromatic with chocolate's bittersweet flavour, beautifully blending with the coffee's darker notes.

The Latte (SGD$5.60) was thought to be a tad too bitter despite its milky smoothness and pretty latte art.

Overall, we enjoyed the ambience at Mellower Coffee and I would likely drop by again. They have opened a new 2-storied outlet at 108 Middle Road, #01-01, The Prospex, Singapore 188967 (Middle Road / Bugis region).


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