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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Wine and Food Pairing Delivery - concept by CellaRaid [Sponsored]

Recently I received a very unique East-meets-West, home-delivered type of wine sampler pairing, from a refreshing concept by CellaRaid. As the name implies, CellaRaid literally raids the wine cellars and racks for good recommendation of fine vintage wines, and delivering 3 types of wines (in "test tube" samples) for enjoyment in the comfort of our homes.

An expensive technology Coravin is used to extract portions of wine without altering state of bottle or affecting remaining wine. More information on this unique technology can be found here: https://vimeo.com/142392423

Company: CellaRaid
Tel: 9769 2779

So how this works is the one simply heads to their website, choose what they want (wines? food pairing? flash deals? set of 3 wineglasses?) and place orders. The prices are stated clearly under each item. One may order in advance, or on the same day (latest order by 3.00pm). This excellent idea saves one the exorbitant costs of purchasing expensive full  bottles of wines and maybe not liking it in the end. Enjoying sample tasting sizes of the wine enables one to make an informed decision, and adventurous wine drinkers get to try different wines without burning holes in pockets.

We had the Food Pairing: Cantonese Roasts set (SGD$68.00) delivered to our doorstep by one of the co-founders, Ming. The roast pork was from Roast Paradise - I liked it that the meat was lean and I loved especially the sweeter, crispy charred parts.

The wine selection came in a classy black box complete with 3 test tubes samplers of wines (equivalent of 3 glasses), ice-pack, detailed notes by the sommelier and other useful information. Our 3 selected themed wines consisted of 2 reds and 1 white, as follows:

1) CARM Duoro, Portugal 2014 - citrus, floral nuances with mineral lift - a refreshing zesty wine. This is the white wine.

2) Villa Trasqua, Trasgaia 1999 - velvety mouthfeel of spiced plums, blackcurrants framed by smooth   Cedary oak; perfect age to drink.

3) Glatenay Volnay Premier Cru, Santenots 2002 - leathery meaty wine with stewed berries and cherries. The secondary notes of star anise, cloves and earthly mushrooms also showed prominently. This wine had a robust flavour and interest "murky" texture.

All in all, the concept was very thoughtful and refreshing, especially for myself, more adventurous in wanting to try out various wines instead of sticking to merely one. I feel that this is really a more wallet-friendly and fun way of picking wines out, and I can't wait for more of their pairings. Thank you CellaRaid for introducing us to the modern way of wining.

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