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Friday, 13 January 2017

[Poem] What the Nights Betrayed

She knew this day would dawn, 
Where her desirous demons, 
Overpowers deterrence of diamonds, 
In golden flames they form, 
Arrows, to pick at the secrets, 
Which contain another lifeform. 

The truth would burn like wine, 
Painting the town scarlet like blood 
The price to pay would be to hide, 
Behind her fears for eternity. 
In a world where dreamcatchers, 
Capture nightmares not from her, 

But to release them into her dungeon, 
So she could reap the rewards of sin. 
The lies would drown out the past, 
But the sorrows would stay afloat. 
Tormentous thoughts will become mirrors, 
Reflecting what the nights betrayed, 

Every step choreographed to draw close, 
Only creates more distinctive divides. 
The pain is stitched into each pore, 
Twisting the organs like a dance. 
The obsession would bring the love alive; 
The possession would kill the hearts.

Copyright © thearcticstar 2016

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