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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Dinner at Melba Cafe @ Mediacorp

1 Stars Avenue #03-01 Mediapolis, Singapore 138507
Tel: 6352 2721

Decided to drop by Cafe Melba @ Mediapolis for chilling out and trying out some fantastic peach melbas - after all, the restaurant is named after the dessert (or shares a name with it). Okay, no, it is named after Melbourne with Asian influences. Cafe Melba also has another outlet at Goodman Centre.

Anyway, Cafe Melba is an Australasian cafe blending Australian and Asian cultures into their dishes. Owned by Tadcaster Hospitality Group with cuisine created by Group Executive Chef Kasey Whaitri-Roberts, the food here is good and boosts of freshness and quality.

Interior is spacious and able to hold up to 150 seats, Cafe Melba is designed with Mother Nature and sustainability in mind. A large glass panel facing the grass facade enables nature to lend beauty to the wood-panelled restaurant; whilst further up, colorful pieces of recycled metal plates form a unique copper colored ceiling. The sight of the huge blazing woodfire oven was somehow comforting and assuring to us.

Service was decent but not outstanding. Order is done by diners themselves selecting items on the tablet menu, whilst service crew brought the dishes out.

We started with some Sweet Potato Fries (SGD$11.00) which were sweet with an earthly note, and an almost crusty exterior gave way to mushy flesh within. The rest loved this starter.

Salt and Pepper Squid (SGD$12.00) was a lovely dish of savoury and spicy goodness, chewy but soft squids on a bed of vegetables.

Next, 3 Little Pigs Pizza (SGD$18.00 for 9-inch), made up of a thin crust and comprising home-cured bacon, honey ham, pepperoni, mozzarella and tomatoes; a satisfying and tasty pizza.

The Chilli Crab Pizza (SGD$28.00 for 9-inch) - snow crab, egg, coriander, mozzarella and spicy tomato sauce. A smooth slab of crackling pizza, this was scrumptious save for the fact that it was on the sweeter side, rather than spicy.

Crayfish Linguine (SGD$27.00) - al dente pasta strands basked in umami glory of crustacean stock, topped by saccharine crayfish, capsicum, arugula leaves and Parmesan cheese. I enjoyed this wholesome, flavorsome dish rather much.

Finally, Chicken Parmigiana (SGD$22.00) - succulent, moistened chicken cooked with tomato sauce, oozing Mozzarella sauce, and served with sides of potato wedges and salad - what's not to love about this delightful dish?

Dessert was, of course, Peach Melba (SGD$12.00) - 2 halves of (canned) peaches with a light raspberry syrup coating, crunchy almond flakes, biscuit crumbs, fresh raspberries and vanilla ice-cream. Quite good, and one tends to feel that this dessert is healthier because it is made up of fruits.

Finally, Chocolate Lava Cake (SGD$14.00) with lava that didn't exactly flow, but redolent of rich chocolate taste, heightened sensationally by raspberry sorbet.

Drinks for me were Red Wine (SGD$14.00) and Mojito (SGD$12.00). They have a good selection of wines, beers, coffees, teas, milkshakes etc.

I like this place and would be glad to return time and again, for its tranquil, quiet settings, friendlier afternoon service and pretty good food.

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