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Friday, 6 January 2017

Cakes at Ng Kim Lee Confectionery @ Bukit Timah

4 Chun Tin Road, Bukit Timah, Singapore 599591
Tel: 6466 3515
Website: None supplied

Always known to us as "the place with very nice cakes", we finally took note that the confectionery's name is Ng Lim Lee, and that it has been around for more than 60 years

A traditional bakery situated in Bukit Timah area, Ng Kim Lee Confectionery sells a mixture of traditional Teochew biscuits  and Western cakes such as New York Cheesecake, Mocca Cake, Strawberry Mousse Cake, Mango Mousse Cake, Blackforest Cake, Yam Cake etc. The pricing of their cakes is very, very wallet friendly, used to be a mere SGD$2.00 a piece (for most flavours). Recently, the price has gone up to SGD$2.50 / piece, except for the NY Cheesecake at SGD$4.00.

The Yam Cake was light and fluffy in texture, redolent of yam's lingering fragrance and creamy. It was not too sweet, so suitable for even the elderly and children.

The Blackforest Cake was cottony light and very thick with cream. The chocolatey flavour was too creamy for my preference, and instead of cherries, they used globs of jam. It was lovely looking though.

Finally, Durian Cake - luscious and rich with piquant durian aroma. The texture was smooth, making this a delightful dessert.

Besides delicious cakes and biscuits, they are also one of the favorite suppliers for wedding cakes, during the Gifting Ceremony (Guo Da Li).  I will never fail to drop by and stock up on cakes whenever I am in the vicinity.

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