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Monday, 19 December 2016

[Poem] Alcove of my Heart

Hidden in the alcove of my heart 
Is the secret need for your approval. 
Every letter penned, 
Every drink savoured, 
The mental encouragement of yours 
And how you'd enjoy them too. 

What has become of you, 
I often wonder; 
Just like how I often wander 
About what has become of me. 

Apart, in distance and years passed, 
I think the hearts are still neighbors; 
I think the minds are searching; 
I need your affirmation just as bad 
As I want you completely wiped out- 
In a world you do not belong. 

What would've become of us, 
I sometimes ponder; 
Just like how I often pander, 
To reality's every fateful end. 

Copyright © Winepoetess 2016

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