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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

[Invited Tasting] Dinner at Burp Kitchen @ Katong

259 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437047
Tel: 8428 1134

If you have been to Burp Kitchen & Bar at Bedok Reservoir, you would be happy to know that BURP now has a new branch along Tanjong Pagar Road. If you haven't, don't fret - you would be just as delighted to learn that you can now enjoy good American street food (with Asian twists on certain items in the menu) as well as delicious cocktails in your 'hood.

A dimly-lit, rustic concept defines the interior of this restaurant cum bar, complete with a huge TV screen and almost-romantic window seats (I am a sucker for window seats) to add variety to the relaxing settings. Service is efficient and friendly enough; the owners and crew are always happy to make recommendations when asked.

Because it's nearing Christmas, we started off with some festive cocktails. The most eye-catching and festive one of all was the The Grinch (SGD$10.00) - composed of Bourbon, peppermint and orange, stirred with a candy cane. The first sip was " medicinal", but this pretty drink grew on us the more we sipped it, and gradually enjoyed it.

Next up, White Christmas (SGD$10.00) - a decidedly delicate looking beauty made of Rum, Egg White and Orange Lemon - the concoction reminded me of eggnog with a zest. This was easy on the palate from start to finish; smooth.

The last Christmas cocktail would be the Christmas Punch (SGD$10.00) - a medley of Rum, Pineapple, Orange and Grenadine. A sweet cocktail with citrusy notes and fruity goodness - easy to down a few of these delicious mixers.

Food was served next!

We kickstarted the tasting session with Beef Chilli Totchos (SGD$12.00) - deep-fried grated potato cubes (tots), Beef Chilli, melted cheese and jalapenos. This dish is supposed to simulate nachos, except made with more substantial ingredients - making it delicious, unique and unstoppable to munch on. If you do not take / like beef, there are options of BBQ Pulled Pork or Pulled Pork Brisket available.

Spam Fries (SGD$12.00) needed no introduction - deep fried fingers of luncheon meat (pork), bold in flavours but not too salty - it was too easy to plow through this addictive starter. The sprinkle of tiny sugar cubes added a refreshing contrast to the heavier flavour, but not all would welcome the sweetness. Lime mayo dip was served on the side for those who want to cream up the crispy fries.

We also had Honey Lime Paprika Chicken Wings (SGD$12.00) - juicy, tender, fleshy, and glazed with sweet and citrusy sauce.

Grilled Shrimp Tacos (SGD$12.00) - comprising soft flour tortilla shells filled with smokey shrimps, apple slaw, salsa fresca and garlic cilantro lime mayo, served with nacho chips on the side. We enjoyed the springy texture of the dish and smokey notes of the shrimp, citing it as one of the favorites of the evening.

Next up, Pork Carnitas Tacos (SGD$12.00) - made up of soft flour tortilla shells filled with slow-cooked BBQ pulled pork, apple slaw and salsa fresca, served with nacho chips on the side. The harmony of sweetness and umami in this dish was good but not outstanding; though some might prefer the tender chewy-ness of the pork to that of the shrimps (earlier dish).

Moving on to the burgers - there's an entire list of interesting flavours we wanted to try, such as Tom Yum Chicken, Chicken Rendang, Curried Pork, Soft Shell Crab Burger, etc, interesting East-West fusionized burgers waiting to surprise. However, we decided to try the American flavours, such as The Hog Burger (SGD$14.00) - toasted brioche buns, fresh baby romaine, succulent pork patty, cheese, caramelized onions, crispy bacon and tarty berry jam - all stacked into a burger bursting with flavours and texture; a very satisfying pork burger dish.

The other  burger as tried was Triple Cheese Burger (SGD$15.00) - made up of toasted charcoal buns, baby romaine, juicy beef patty, trio of cheese (cheddar, American cheese and mozzarella), bacon, caramelized onions and BBQ sauce - another burger that exploded with flavours and texture, the perfect choice for lovers of good cheese burgers.

Then we had Tomyum Chicken Mushroom Linguine (SGD$14.00) - a creamy pasta dish with an interesting Thai conversion. The tomyum flavour was robust and freckles of bacon bits added crunch to the otherwise limp noodles. I would order this for the delicious flavour and ask for the pasta to be done more al-dente in texture.

Overall, the dining experience here was lovely - relaxed dinner with good varieties of flavours and choice of burgers, tacos, pastas etc. I also enjoyed the modernized concept of blending Eastern flavours into their burgers and tacos, letting us have the best of both worlds. This is definitely the choice place for dinner and drinks with friends or colleagues, a spot to unwind.

Thank you Burp Kitchen for hosting us, and Hence for extending the invite.

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