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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Christmas Tea at Ur Resident Chef's @ Tampines

Address: Tampines Avenue 1
Tel: PM me for the contact number

All right, after the first high-tea session at Ur Resident Chef's (review here), I was psyched to be back for Christmas High Tea last Saturday with a couple of dear friends. As usual, the chef (Sherene) and her husband *M were friendly hosts and it felt like a reunion of longtime friends the moment we stepped in.

Guess what's on the table this time round? Delicious, pretty, healthy and unique European Christmas desserts and pastries, as well as cups of tea, waiting for us to enjoy to our hearts' content. Remember that Sherene only uses natural ingredients (so her jam are also made of fruits by herself) such as unbleached flour, raw sugar and French butter.

We started with Kiflice - a traditional European yeast roll made into a crescent shape, with some milk and sugar. This version here is a recipe passed down from the grandma - vanilla flavour and rolled in ground walnuts. The texture was like cookie, only softer, more melty, and utterly addictive.

Next, the elegant-looking Marzipan Wreath (don't you just love wreaths that can both be decorative and devoured??) constructed of cinnamon-flavoured bread filled with homemade cherry jam, Marzipan and walnuts. The texture was chewy with a crunch, and flavour was light, with lingering notes of cinnamon.

Moving on, squares of White Chocolate Cakes - rich but not cloying, a thick coat of deliciousness melting lusciously across the palate.

We also enjoyed the lovely Logcake - made of plain sponge filled and covered with white chocolate ganache and homemade cherry jam. It is coated with coconut flakes, a beautiful inspiration by rafaello, and topped with liqueur-soaked fresh cherries. The cake looked so beautiful and frosty, festive vibes were generated just by looking at it - yet there was no need for icing at all. Loved the cottony-tender, moisturized cake- the light sweetness of white chocolate was contrasted beautifully by the ever-so-slightly tarty cherry jam.

Finally, Chocolate Fondue using pure dark chocolate and fresh, fruits in Christmassy colours - grapes, strawberries and marshmallows. The rich chocolate sauce was decadent and satisfying to the soul, plummeting right to the core of our hearts fondly.

A little sneak peek (and bite) into a traditional, granny-reciped Croatian White Cakes with a grainer, melty texture and beautiful flavour - akin to the tofu egg white cake I had before, only this special European creation does not contain eggs.

Thank you for the lovely efforts in preparing this tea session, pampering us with such wonderful pastries and desserts. Her cakes and cookies are available for sale if you are interested - click on links above for more information to her blog and Facebook.

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