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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Dinner at Kushi Dining Bar @ MacPherson (Revisit)

526 MacPherson Road, Singapore 368216
Tel: 6285 6525

I visited Kushi Dining Bar twice when it was at Windsor Hotel, MacPherson (review here), and then it moved to Hotel Royal. It seems that lately, it has relocated back to MacPherson area - hopefully business is better for them back in that area.

Kushi Dining Bar is helmed by a Chef with more than 20 years of experience, and serves up a wide variety of Kushiyaki items as well as fresh items from the famous Tsukuji Market in Tokyo, Japan. The dining concept here is mainly ala carte buffet style beginning with hot pot, sashimi, sushi and tempura dishes, etc. Decor is lavish and authentic Japanese, and service is attentive.

They now have 3 different types of buffet and pricings as follows:
Classic Buffet Lunch:  SGD$41.90 (weekdays) / SGD$44.90 (weekends)
Classic Buffet Dinner: SGD$49.90 (weekdays) / SGD$52.90 (weekends)
Premium Buffet Lunch: SGD$61.90 (weekdays) / SGD$64.90 (weekends)
Premium Buffet Dinner: SGD$69.90 (weekdays) / SGD$72.90 (weekends)
Gourmet Buffet Lunch: SGD$118.00 
Gourmet Buffet Dinner: SGD$128.00

Chawanmushi was steaming hot and loaded with delicious shitake mushroom, chicken and gingko nuts within the egg custard itself.

A platter of Fresh Oysters with gentle seasoning pleased the palate immensely, with the smooth, tasty flesh sliding down our throats deliciously.

Next, an assortment of very fresh, almost-bouncy fleshed Sashimi slices awaited us with its saccharine tenderness, putting our palates to an unbearable pleasure of taste paradise. Raw fish lovers would love this treat, and we had a second helping thereafter. See how thick the slices of quality Sashimi are?

Following that, Hotpot consisting of Seafood items, vegetables and Beef. The luscious broth was made tastier by the prawns and meats tossed in, a good balance of meats and vegetables, tofu, as well as liquid diet for us. Mind you, this pot of goodness was addictive but filling.

Afterwards, we succumbed to the prowess of some Sushi and more thick-wedged Sashimi. The Aburi Salmon Sushi had us yearning for more, its melty texture so delicious, but our bellies were protesting against more food.

Last but not least, some Tempura, just because we had to try them here. It would not feel complete without these deep-fried favorites, as a part of Japanese buffet dining. Soft-shelled Crab was palatable, and the Ebi Tempura (prawn) had a light, crackling batter.

Finally, we concluded the savoury meal with some desserts - Matcha (green tea) Ice-cream with Azuki (red bean) toppings. The creamy texture and distinctive green tea aroma of the ice-cream rounded up the meal beautifully.

I love Kushi Bar's Japanese buffet, and would return soon again for more. It is still one of the best I have had so far.

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