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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Lunch at Kwan Im Vegetarian Restaurant @ Bugis

190 Waterloo Street, level 1, South east Asia Hotel. Singapore 187965
Tel: 6338 2394

Chanced upon this Oriental, almost dated looking restaurant at South East Asia Hotel right next to the famous Kwan In (or spelt "Guan Yin") Temple. Since I was on my month-long meat-less diet, and alone (when I am with people I wouldn't trouble them to eat when I am eating), I decided to pop in to see what was in-store.

The girls came over to serve automatically, not warm with smiles, but very quick to make recommendations, and efficient in what they do.

Decor was Chinese, vintage, square tables lined up systemically with Chinese paintings and calligraphy on the walls. Men offering was quite wide in selection, from staples to vegetables to mock meat.

They also have a selection of Chinese pastries, such as Tau Sar Piah (bean paste cookie), Wife's Cookie (flakey pastry with lotus paste filling) etc. Some of them looked very interesting, such as "Buddha" hands, or mini pumpkins etc.

Due to no photography allowed (or so said one of the girls), I couldn't take photos. I couldn't resist ordering a Green Tea Cookie (SGD$1.00) - shaped like a very miniature pumpkin. The crusty exterior was crunchy and green tea filling was creamy and lightly sweetened.

Claypot Noodle (SGD$8.00) was well-portioned, and laden with lots of ingredients. The vegetables, carrot slivers, button mushrooms, shiitake mushroom and mock Char Siew (BBQ pork). Broth was a little oily, but very tasty; even the fine strands of noodles had "wok hei" (wok breath) taste to it, crispy, as though having been fried beforehand.

The simple but satisfying meal cost me a mere SGD$9.40 in all, dining in air-conditioned comfort and having food brought to my table. I like this place already.

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