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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Chilling Out at Mr Punch's Public House @ Cityhall

26 Seah Street, Basement Level, Mint Museum of Toys, Singapore 188382
Tel: 6339 6266

Located at basement level of Mint Museum of Toys (review here) is Mr. Punch's Public House. Mr. Punch is known for his work in the famous puppet act "Judy and Punch", a rather violent creature.

This is an artistic gastropub themed for a nostalgic celebration, good food and drinks. Vintage music filled the air when we stepped down the stairs into this restaurant bar. Enamel prints and statues line the area, as polite servers came over to meet and greet.

The cuisine is here modern European and they have a pretty interesting list of cocktails as well.

A glass of Riesling (SGD$16.00) kickstarted the chilling out session, utter perfection for weekends after work, out with lovely companions.

Foodwise, we went for the Sharing Platter (SGD$38.00 for 3 items) - Fresh Salmon Cake, Chicken Thigh Roulade and Slow-cooked Pork Belly. The platter was also strewn with thin deep-fried potato crisps, lettuce, tomatoes and olives.

Salmon Cake was quite tender, softly saccharine. Chicken Thigh Roulade was stuffed with foie gras; the chicken was incredibly succulent, tasty together with the creamier taste of foie gras. Also liked the Slow-cooked Pork Belly, cut into small pieces and very soft.

Teriyaki Charred Squid (SGD$12.00) doused with tobiko boosted smokey and tender pieces of squid, infused with teriyaki sweetness. These were so worth nibbling - succulent, crunchy and tasty.

Lovely place to visit and chill out overall, I will definitely like to be back for their main courses or cocktails someday soon. The platter is very value for money as well, letting us try 3 types of starters at a reasonable price.


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