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Thursday, 6 October 2016

BAKE Cheese Tarts @ Ion Orchard

2 Orchard Turn #B4-33 Ion Orchard, Singapore 238801
Tel: None Supplied

As usual, I wondered what the queue was about, when I saw everyone start posting about Japan's BAKE Cheese tarts. I mean, tarts are tarts, right? Then.... why the long queues?

Anyway, now that the fad has more or less died down, and they have opened another outlet in Westgate, I decided to pop down to Ion to get some for the SIL (okay, and for myself to try).

Marched right up to the BAKE shop at Basement Level 4 of Ion Orchard, and was happy to see a very short queue (maybe 4 persons?). I was about to walk in when a "Gatekeeper" informed me that the queue was over at the main foyer, opposite Adidas shop.

So I walked right toward the grand empty space that usually houses events. It is actually right outside Osim. There is indeed a queue complete with signposts and barricade-belts just specially for BAKE. I surveyed the current line - about 6 persons. Since I was already here, and have mentioned this to the SIL several times, so I thought, "What the heck", and joined the line.

When it was my turn, I was handed a yellow card no. 27, which allows me to walk right inside the shop, watch the aromatic, freshly-baked Cheese Tarts being brought out the ovens and then doily-based.

The girls at the counter were polite and patient. One tart was for SGD$3.90, and 6 went for SGD$19.50. Many people in front of me bought a few boxes each.

I asked for half a dozen. They packed the warm tarts gingerly into their signature yellow box and then the yellow paper bag. I was instructed to refrigerate the tarts, but freezing them meant longer storage time. I doubt the tarts would still be around after tomorrow.

The first bite boosted of a very crunchy crust, crisp and aromatic. A thin souffle layer topped the pastry. The cheese curd itself was creamy, robust and wobbly soft. It was good, if you love cream cheese stuff - I could see why people are fussing over them. I am already thinking of buying them for my own family sometime soon.

That's BAKE for you. Now let's count down to when the fuss would die down entirely - an atypical local trend.

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