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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Afternoon Tea at Alchemist Coffee @ International Plaza

10 Anson Road #01-34 International Plaza, Singapore
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alchemistsg

The Alchemist Coffee is an interesting concept by Pacamara (review here) located at International Plaza. It is not so much of a cafe, just 2 benches in monochrome settings serving takeout coffee for the ever-busy executives working around the vicinity. The stark settings may appear cold and forbidden, but aromas wafting would draw one in.

What caught our attention however, were the coffee apparatus and equipment that lined the counter - elaborate barista's console so that you know your coffee is quality, cafe-grade brew even though its a takeout.

*K went for their recommended Ice White (SGD$5.50) which managed to come out in bands of different hues, looking so beautiful - from the top layer of snowy whites to the golden swirls of tan. She enjoyed this beautiful cup of coffee.

The Mocha (SGD$5.00) was served gingerly with a nice latte-art heart. The silky creaminess of this strong brew, coupled with chocolate strains, played upon my heartstrings. I almost wish I worked in this building so I could drink this all the time.

Soy Latte (SGD$5.50) was another delicious beverage here, boosting of the darker notes of roast and cherries, smoothed over by soy infusion.

Drink, drink to one's heart content, and feel free to chat with the friendly baristas on duty. What a beautiful alchemy!

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