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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Poem: "I'm Motivated by Money"

She says, 
"I'm motivated by money" 
So she marries to save on rentals 
(She's too righteous to sell flesh for cash) 
Embarks on work 4-hours a day ventures 
Hoping to strike it rich oh so soon. 

The usual 9 to 6 jobs hold no interest for her, 
(Too lowly and slow in generating monies) 
So she stays in her dream-bubble 
As her full time role. 
Hating her friends' hard-earned success 
Which she stalks on social media sites. 

Her meals are all paid for by friends 
Her Christmas gifts are 2 bucks BOH tea 
And she wonders how others could afford more 
Even as they slog their days away. 
Oh how to shake her awake 
How to bring back to earth, 

To help her understand funds do not 
Simply fall free from the skies. 
She smiles at you in PJs in midday, 
Just to say 
"I'm motivated by money". 

Copyright © 2016 thearcticstar

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