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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Review on Cyber Colours Black Label UV Essence Cream Foundatiom

With the cessation of my much-loved Cyber Colours Gemstone Pudding Foundation (review here), I had no choice but to source for alternatives. Back to Lancome's Teint Miracle? Dior Snow? Chanel Le Blanc?

I was persuaded to try the Cyber Colours Black Label UV Essence Cream Foundation (SGD$66.90), which comes in a very classy packaging (black with glitters!!!) and consists of natural goodness such as Chinese herbal extracts (angelica senensis, ginseng, lucid ganoderma extracts), peach kernel and kawatani seeds. 

Practically like tonic for the skin, this product with its rich ingredients is supposed to cover spots and fine lines effectively, smoothly but without grease It also has SPF 18++ protection, and proclaims to absorb excess sebum, is sweat-resistant and waterproof.  (I wonder if I could go swimming after applying, just to test this claim out).

Opening up the mysterious black box, one is impressively wowed by the small pot of black-sheened cream foundation within, accompanied by a small scoop placed standing upright as well. It looked so classy I was nearly reluctant to touch them.

Anyway, I did - opened the lid up to see the smooth, pale cream foundation within. Using the tiny scoop, I spaded up a tiny amount and applied to my face. It was silky and not too rich; I appreciated the fact that it was devoid of odours as well, despite its quality herbal ingredients (I half expected to breathe in aromas of ginseng and angelica).

By the way there are 3 shades to this foundation - Ivory, Natural and Beige. I chose the middle tone.

The foundation was absorbed into my face pretty fast, with a light velvety smoothness and middle coverage. I patted loose powder to set the makeup and was out.

Overall I liked the product because of the ease of application, its sleek packaging, the superior ingredients, reasonable price and soft coverage.

The drawbacks are its exclusive availability only at Sasa's outlets, and being in a tub makes bringing out (or travelling) a little tricky. Also, lastly, one of the ingredients is alcohol, so if you have sensitive skin, this may not be suitable. However I do have sensitive skin, but this product has so far worked fine for me (been using it for around 2 months).

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