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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Lunch at Bumbu Restaurant @ Telok Ayer Street

Photosource: http://www.bumbu.com.sg/

125 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068594
Tel: 6536 8636

Photosource: http://www.bumbu.com.sg/

Bumbu Restaurant is an interesting blend of Thai and Indonesian cuisines fusion-ed into one beautiful, culturally-rich Asian restaurant. They currently have 3 outlets in Singapore - Kandahar Street (Bugis area), Queen's area (Bukit Timah) and Telok Ayer (Raffles Place). We went to the latter.

Service was efficient and fast, maybe because it was lunch hour and lines of hungry executive types were filled in the outside the restaurant.  Menu was rather comprehensive, comprising of different items from curries to meat to seafood to vegetables etc. Interior decor was simple, Southern-Asian rich in decor and comfortable. We started with some crackers (keropok) to munch on while looking through the menus.

Each of us took some steamed rice, since the dishes we ordered would be rather heavy in flavor. We were served the Green Curry Chicken (SGD$10.80) first, filled with tender pieces of chicken meat and squash. The green curry gravy was not too thick, but smooth, robust with aromatic green curry's spicy goodness.

Next, the Sambal Kang Kong (SGD$8.80) aka water spinach / morning glory. A platter of leafy green vegetables made fragrant by the flavorful sambal.

The Tahu Telor (SGD$8.80) was utterly crispy on the exterior and meltingly-soft on the inside, wobbling with tofu's sweet goodness.

Following that, we had the Butter Oat Squid (SGD$12.80) - not that crispy, but definitely tasty with the buttery taste and I enjoyed the chewy texture of squids as usual. A good calamari dish, I would say- one that is coated deliciously so there is no need for mayonnaise sauce.

The Fried Fish House Chilli (SGD$27.80) consisted of a huge fish battered and fried till golden brown. It was crispy on the exterior, flanking white flakey flesh that was sweet with freshness. The chilli sauce added a kick to the palate.

Finally, Salted Egg Yolk Prawn (SGD$22.80) richly coated with luscious salted egg yolk sauce and fried so crispy that part of the shell could be eaten. I enjoyed the decadent flavor of this dish.

Overall, this is a nice place with good food at reasonable prices, allowing to have the best of both worlds. The only drawback is that the dishes do not come in different sizes for sharing, so you have to order more repetitions or varieties if sharing with a few friends / family members.

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