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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Poem: Of Posessions

Possess me tonight, 
So I may fathom why is it, 
That we often see what we do not 
Possess; falling into a greed that 
Feels like an obsession went 
Wrong; like an experiment 
That has no end result. 

Like a cold insult, 
Carved on the obstinate mindset- 
Is the cursed belief that, 
Our blessed gifts are insufficient, 
Inadequate, and too modest, 
To be valued or treasured; but 
We sink deeper into desires and pursuit. 

Of greener pastures, gentler touches, 
Flames that burn on ferocious torches; 

Rocks that gleam brighter than stars, 
Words sweeter than nectar of flowers; 

Risk losing the goodness we possess, 
When we succumb to obsess, 
Over what we have no access; 
Then our souls shall confess, 
Not to a spiritual abbess - 
But the reflections that address, 
Dark cloaks of envy we should undress. 

Copyright © 2016 thearcticstar

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