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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Lunch at The Chamber Bar & Bistro @ Capital Square

21 Church Street, #01-04 Capital Square 2, Singapore 049480
Tel: 6536 9926
Website & Facebook: none

An interesting and outstanding outdoor-ish dining / drinks concept at the edge of Far East Square, The Chambers is almost iconic with its white thatched logo bearing its name.  I passed by many times but always had to wonder what this place was all about, since there was no website nor Facebook on it. I saw a bar counter stacked with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, then I heard about their famous Nasi Padang, and western food, and decided to drop by.

Nasi Padang pricing is dependent on what dishes you order; Western food costs SGD$9.80 generally. If you choose to take the Western set lunch, it costs a mere SGD$10.00 for a generously-portioned main course as well as a drink (choice of Iced Lemon Tea / Iced Lychee / Iced Longan).

Fish and Chips (SGD$9.80) came with crackling good deep-fried fish fillet and crispy fries; my friend enjoyed it tremendously.

Chicken Chop (SGD$9.80) came with a nice peppery-sweet sauce, and the chicken fillet was tender and juicy. It also came with crispy fries and salad on the side.

Grilled Unagi (SGD$9.80) consisted of a slab of smooth, juicy eel that had a lovely, "rain"-like sweetness to its slimy flesh. Drizzled with special sauce, and paired with fragrant flavored rice and salad, this dish was an absolute delight.

I went for the Nasi Padang (SGD$8.00++ for 4 dishes) but I didn't exactly knew what I ordered because there was no sign attached to each dish, and the staff were too busy to really explain. I didn't dare ask too much as there was a long queue behind me too... so I pointed and picked at some Rendang Beef, Chili Eggplant, vegetables and deep-fried calamari.

The Nasi Bryani was aromatic and tasty as well, grainy Basmati rice infused with spices. The Curry Chicken was very succulent and flavorful -every bite was enjoyable.

The portion was good-sized, and the items were quite nice in taste, though not outstanding. I thought variety was rather limited compared to Sinar Pagi (review here), where my favorite nasi padang is located.  They also have maggi or mee goreng if you don't want rice.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed my Iced Lychee drink (SGD$2.00) and the chill ambience here and will like to come back to try, perhaps the Western food.

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