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Monday, 20 June 2016

Dinner at Atmosphere Bistro at East Coast Park

920 East Coast Parkway #01-25 / 26 / 27 Singapore 449875
Tel:  6440 9705

This was partially business and personal meetup, and we settled for a quieter, relaxing spot none other than Atmosphere Bistro at East Coast Parkway – inviting the melody of the seas and the breezes of the waves to accompany us three. Atmosphere has another outlet in Alexandra area just for your info.

Anyway, the spacious bistro comprises an indoor seating area (with air-con), open space bar area and alfresco dining area – we chose the great outdoors so as to be closer to the setting sun, sand and sea. Service here was average – efficient but nothing personable or amicable, but that was all right. Their menus are all installed onto small tablets so we took turns to browse through the extensive selection of light bites, mains and drinks. We were surprised to see a variety of cuisines tossed into the mix – Japanese, European, American, etc.

The Creamy Mushroom Soup (SGD$4.80) kickstarted the meal, a welcoming selection on a cool evening – unfortunately the taste was too creamy and the soup too diluted, reminding us of Campbell being poured onto a bowl for serving. To be fair, we were grateful for the bits of mushrooms within.

French Onion Soup (SGD$4.80) was pretty light as well, saved for the swatches of filmsy caramelized onions which were the highlights of the luscious soup. It did well to warm us up against the chill and prepped us for upcoming food items to be served.

The Scallop with Bacon (SGD$6.80) was glazed with teriyaki sauce and grilled to perfect moistened succulence. The creation was enticing, refreshing, comprising of two of my favorite items but I wish the bacon was crispy instead of “smoked ham textured” – this resulted in the pork slice being utterly soft against the melty scallops and both items were nearly indistinguishable in texture.

Our Grilled Squid (SGD$10.80) fared better – a whole big squid flattened and grilled to perfection. The exterior contained just the barest hint of crisp and smokey taste, but the winning point was the sweetness of the chewy, tender squid itself.

The final starter for sharing were some Battered Mushrooms (SGD$6.80) – assorted mushrooms tossed with seasoning. I found a fair bit of shitake mushrooms amongst the mix, all were coated with a layer of crispy batter not too fine. These are always fun to eat – crispy on the outside and buoyant on the inside, filling the palate with the earthly aroma.

My Caesar Salad (SGD$6.80) looked simple and plain, being all Romaine lettuce with bacon bits, croutons and parmesan – but the first bite surprised right till the end. The crisp, fresh greens were infused with the tasty dressing it was tossed with, hints of sweetness making it easy to enjoy as a meal.

Atmosphere Burger (SGD$16.80) - triple stacked charcoal-sesame burger flanking crispy fish, chicken and turkey patties, spread with barbecue sauce, giving us the best of three worlds all in one. Chicken was tender and turkey was slightly chewy, both sweetened with the pierce of BBQ sauce, rather delightful indulgence.

Lastly, the 2-in-1 Pizza (SGD$22.80) was made up of 2 flavours combined into one huge pizza, as the name implied. Seafood made up of one half of the pizza while the other half comprised cheese, I think. I enjoy very thin crusted pizzas so this was right up my alley – crackling and addictive to crunch into the mouth and feeling the explosion of ingredients’ flavours thereafter.

Mojito  ended the evening off, mellowing the soul and making for a mock nightcap. I rather liked the concoction here except it was a tad sweet – more mint would’ve done the job!

Overall, Atmosphere is an amazing place to unwind or hangout at, taking in the scent of the sea and the serene sights ahead; it is also a restaurant suitable for friends, couples and families to enjoy a meal or two at. I would like to come back, if only for the ambiance.

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