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Friday, 17 June 2016

Afternoon Tea at Tarte by Cheryl Koh (Revisit)

1 Scotts Road #01-12 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208
Tel: 6235 3225

After my first cherry tart here at Tarte (review here) under the renowned Les Amis Group, the intense cravings lingered for nearly a full year because I found out later that this was a seasonal item because of the cherries.

They do have some new flavors too, and it was a difficult feat trying to pick and choose from the tempting array of freshly-baked, aromatic tarts.

Well, it does make sense, so I waited patiently for its return. A year later, I am sitting in Caveau Bar, watching the rain on a weekday morning; watching the people walking by, as I slowly sip my pot of hot Earl Grey Tea (SGD$6.00).

I attacked the Cherry Tart (SGD$9.00) the moment it was served. Something looked different though - instead of the rows of glazed halved cherries with their glossy sheen, I noticed that this time round, the cherries were dusted with a thin layer of sugar powder.

When I asked (Cheryl herself) about it, they mentioned that yes, this year its something a little different. Nonetheless, the cherries were still as lovely and saccharine upon vanilla cream settings. They exploded in the mouth in luscious delight, and it was all I could do to not order one more.

The other new tart I picked was the Apricot Tart (SGD$9.00), made up of sweet, Colorado apricot on a layer of clear jelly and cream, surrounded by tiny almond frangipane. I loved the texture of this tart - a mixture of plump juiciness and crunch, flavors complementing each other beautifully.

I love tarts, oh yes I do, especially those with buttery crusts and made of fresh fruits. I intend to return soon before my dear cherries go out of season again. Thank you Cheryl, for the consistency in quality and goodness!

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