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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Tea Break at The Reading Room @ Outram (revisit)

After the first visit at The Reading Room (review here) that I've heard about for so long, and falling in love with it, I decided to come back here on this lazy afternoon where I could lose myself in the comfort of fictional novels, coffee and an afternoon snack.

Good music and service was all round, and the cafe was crowded this time round, much to my surprise.  I am happy though - such a beautiful and bookish cafe, would be a shame if no one appreciates it.

I did the usual thing of picking out a few books before placing my order at the counter.  By day, this cafe is all about good reads, good coffee and good cakes. I must also say that the choice of songs they play here is of good taste.  I was rather engrossed in Stuart MacBride's "Blind Eye" - haven't been reading detective / murder mysteries for a while already.

For beverage, I had the Himalayan Salt Coffee (SGD$5.00), an exquisite flavour that contains very subtle savoury hints amongst the aroma of this light coffee; pretty smooth with good notes and flavour.

The Tiramisu (SGD$7.80) was well-moistened, with intense bursts of liqueur and coffee flavours mingling well like a dream; every mouthful was a light tease upon the palate, allowing the taste to seep deep into the senses easily.

Still reading, yet the skies were getting darker. The cafe dims its lights at this point, and candles are lit, instantly transforming this cafe into a romantic lounge for chilling out in.

I decided to order more munchies, settling for my favorite Calamari (SGD$13.80), served on pretty checked doily. The batter was very light, so it was easy for the teeth to find its way into the luscious, chewy squid flesh; however, the light batter was not crispy at all, so it was like a soft crust enclosing the sotong flesh.

A glass of Moscato (SGD$10.00) concluded the evening - sweet, very slightly tingly on the tongue - almost fluttering, and smooth as silk. It was then I set aside the books, kicked back my heels to unwind, and let the sweet serenade soothe me....

I love The Reading Room, and will look forward to being back again, because I love reading at cafes, anytime!

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