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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Review on Brazilian Waxing at Spa Haven @ Amoy Street

46 Amoy Street, Singapore 069872
Tel: 6221 2203

I usually visit Spa Haven for their painless Brazilian hair removal procedure (SGD$50.00). I think they recently have some painless laser hair removal procedure which I might try soon. Today I will be describing my experience here at Spa Haven and the process.

Located at a row of shophouses along Amoy Street, Tanjong Pagar - Spa Haven is a quaint day spa offering a full suite of services including hair removal, facial treatment, breast lifting, massages, slimming etc. They also have a wide range of cosmetics and skincare products for customers - this is pretty much a one-stop solutions centre to take care of one's health and beauty regimes.

Service is professional and efficient - swift and polite but nothing too overly friendly or hard-selling all the same.  There are two stories and the treatment rooms are located on level 2, up a narrow flight of stairs. Decor is simple and elegant in a zen manner - stark white and fuss-free, giving an organised sense of peace and tranquility.

I was informed to remove my bottoms and lie on the bed where sheets of paper are lined. I am always a little concerned that over here, they do not demand their guests wash up before the Brazilian waxing procedure, like some other parlours, so I always ensure that I wash up before heading here for my hair removal.

These are the hot wax and creams / lotions used during the process. The therapist doused the hot wax over the affected areas, waited for it to harden to a certain extent and pulled the hairs off with pieces of paper (or were the pieces of paper already stuck to the wax upon hardening?).

Anyway, the ripping of the hairs out could  be a very painful process, but it gets less and less so, if waxing is done on a regular basis. Brazilian waxing also slows growth of the hair and keeps the body cleaner for hygiene purpose. Take care not to go into the seas or swim for the next 1-2 days immediately following the waxing session.

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