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Monday, 30 May 2016

Review of Accent V Face Treatment at ClearSK Aesthetics @ Velocity [Sponsored]

238 Thomson Road  #02-48 Velocity Novena Square, Singapore 037683
Tel:  6634 6041

After my treatment at Clear SK @ Novena Medical Suites (review here), I am honored to be invited back for their one of their signature painless, non-evasive and effective Accent  V Face Treatment.
Service was. as usual, friendly, personable and professional.

This treatment combines unipolar radio frequency and focused ultrasound waves to contour targeted areas such as cheeks, chin, jaws and around the eyes. This is also known as "no-needle face slimming" , using ultrasound to effect fat reduction and skin tightening around the jawline, resulting in V-facial contouring - a comfortable, soothing alternative to Botox.

The first of its kind to be introduced in Singapore, I was psyched and all set for this treatment. So the first step was of course makeup removal and cleansing of my face by The Terapist.

Baby Oil with a lovely, flowery fragrance was then applied to my face to soothe and lubricate the skin texture, making it easier for the machine to move around / over.

Then the machine came to life and rolled over my face, pulsating heat all the while - besides tightening the face, collagen growth was also stimulated. The Therapist did half my face, showed me a mirror to see the visible difference, before proceeding with the left face.  My skin did feel tighter but the notable "V" contouring would only be visible after a couple of sessions.

After that, a cold hydrating mask sheet was placed over my face for around 15 minutes, while I rested in the tranquil settings.

Thank you ClearSK for the fabulous treatment and excellent service once again - definitely highly recommended!

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