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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Lunch at Kanazawa Sushi @ International Building (Revisit)

360 Orchard Road #02-13 International Building, Singapore 238869
Tel: 6738 3833

Decided to revisit Sushi Kanazawa for those delicious, freshly-prepared sushi by chefs right in front of patrons, and there were a few items that I missed. Read about the last revisit here.

Yeah, so we sat around the counter watching the chefs hard at work, dishing out plates of delicacies to us all. They have the a la carte menu but we decided to go for the buffet at SGD$48.50 per pax.

They started us off with a bowl of Soup - chicken, fried beancurd and melon, a rather tasty clear broth. There was a small plate of Edamame beans as well (didn't take photos of it this time round).

Then the Sashimi Moriawase (assorted raw fish) was served - there was swordfish, tuna, salmon and shrimp. The fish sashimi were thickly sliced and had the essential fresh, bouncy texture to them.

I did not really fancy the Bamboo Shoot so I just had a small bite to test it.

The first item of the day for us was the Amaebi Mentai Aburi (torched sweet prawn with cod roe) - my very favorite since the previous visit. The charred-and-buttery tasting mentaiko melted in the mouth along with the sweetness of the prawn, and it was just so tasty I repeated this order at least thrice.

Next, the Kawahagi Sushi (leather jacket), a white fish with a slightly leathery texture and subtle sweetness.

Salmon Aburi (torched salmon) was up next, another personal favorite that brought the natural flavor of salmon to new heights by the smokey hints that it adopted through the torching process. Needless to say, the salmon nearly dissolved in the mouth upon contact too.

Then we had the Tai (Sea Bream) which had a flavor similar to tuna but a gentler texture, like yellowtail.

The Chawanmushi (Japanese steamed egg custard) was finally brought to the table, smooth and piping hot, with the usual ingredients within such as fish cake, mushroom, gingko nut and chicken meat.

Following that, we were given the Kajiki Sushi (swordfish), buttery flavor and smooth texture.

Now, the Tabiuo (flying fish), with a slightly slimy texture but heavier flavor, garnished deliciously with sauce, spring onion and sesame seeds.

Maguro (red tuna) came to us next, buoyant in freshness, with an added crunch from the sesame seeds.

Next up, the Hokkigai (whelk) , another rather creamy-textured fish with a subtle flavor.

The Kakigai (oyster) was lovely as well, juicy and flavorsome.

We had Kajiki Aburi (torched swordfish) after that - another devastatingly good item that disintegrates in the mouth in a delicious mush of fish and garnishings.

Then the Hamachi (yellowtail) gentle in taste and texture, rather non-descript.

After that, the Nihotate (cooked scallop), something that I usually enjoy for its chewy juiciness.

The Unagi Aburi (torched river eel) was the other item that I ordered and repeated about thrice - it was simply awesome. Imagine the flavorful river eel melting into a heap of deliciousness in the mouth slowly...

Next, the Hotate Aburi (torched fresh scallop) that contained slowly disintegrated in the mouth upon contact as well.

Finally, for sushi, it was the Akagai (arkshell) exuding tastefulness amongst a crunchy texture.

As for desserts, there was the choice of Fruit Jelly as well as Mango Pudding -  I had the latter, which wsa a soothing, refreshing and coolness touch of sweetness to the palate after a fulfilling, savoury meal. The pudding was smooth and resplendent of mango flavor, definitely a delightful conclusion.

p.s. photo credits to *Celine for the last 3 pics - my camera died on me due to low batt.

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