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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Dinner at Orchid Live Seafood Restaurant @ Sembawang

1 Bah Soon Pah Road, Simgapore 769959
Tel: 6756 0311

Photosource: http://purplelofts.blogspot.sg/2013/07/dinner-orchid-live-seafood.html

A seafood restaurant serving uniquely Singapore dishes since 1999, Orchid Live Seafood got its name because the first outlet was in Orchid Country Club. Today, they have 2 outlets - one at Sembawang and one at Seleter Hills Estate - click here to read my review on the Seletar Hills Estate outlet.

A typical Chinese live seafood restaurant with a casual setting showcasing large tanks of sea creatures swimming around in them, Orchid Live Seafood is well known for their Lobster Porridge and Steven's Chicken Wings. It is also a restaurant by Crystal 18 Restaurant.

We started with a platter of Milk Cabbage (SGD$15.00) gently stir-fried in a tasty gravy with garlic.

Then Black Pepper Hot Plate Venison (SGD$24.00), grilled deliciously with peppers and steaming hot with tinges of spiciness. The thin slices of venison were tender, as well.

There was also the Mango and Prawn Roll (SGD$30.00) - deep-fried battered rolls containing fresh, saccharine prawns and even sweeter mango.

Next, Steven's Chicken Wings (SGD$24.00) aka lollipop chicken wings - crackling on the exterior and tender on the inside- one of their signature dishes.

Finally, the star of the night and the main reason we were here - Lobster Porridge (SGD$150.00), made up of a huge pot of grainy rice cooked in rich, nectarous lobster broth. Every spoonful was a delight, bursting with deliciouness in the mouth. The lobsters were fresh and springy in texture, tasting lovely even after shedding their essence in the broth.

We enjoyed dinner there very much, and this is at least my 3rd visit for the famous Lobster Porridge.  You may also like to read about Lobster Porridge at Wan He Lou (click here).

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