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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Dessert at Yami Yogurt @ Raffles Place

One Raffles Place, #B1-34, Singapore 048616
Tel: 6535 9321

Yami Yogurt has been around since 1983, way before the fad for froyo kicked in, serving delicious and healthy soft frozen yogurt. Yami stands for "Yogurt Acidophilus Milk" by the way, a no-fuss, straightforward name that tells you what you are in for, and it sounds yummy too.

Needless to say, I have been a fan for years, enjoying the refreshing dessert that came in flavours such as natural / original, peach, etc, and I would always add the same toppings of cranberries and peaches.

Recently, I am happy to note that they are getting very innovative with different flavours each week - something to look forward to. Just like how there was Rose flavour next week, and this week is Wild Berry. Next week would be Taro (yam) etc.

Ordered a small Wildberry Yogurt with cranberries (SGD$4.90) to try, and was wowed by the soft, aromatic mixed berries flavour. Love the soft, smooth texture of the frozen yogurt and how it melts lusciously in my mouth - the perfect dessert for a hot day as such.

I guess from now on, it's going to be a weekly affair with Yami, tasting out their new and interesting flavours each week!

They also have the very,  very awesome and value-for-money Split (SGD$5.90) where you get to choose 4 flavors into a palette and 4 different toppings! We were so excited about this. For flavors we had original, peach, taro and strawberry (the taro was so creamy and earth-romatic); for toppings we chose longans, chocolate crunch, cashew nuts and peach slices. This allowed us to have the best of 4 worlds, and try an assortment all in one single order. I really loved the thoughtful concept.

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