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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Review: Customized Rejuvenation Facial at Fabulous Aesthetics @ Beach Road [Sponsored]

101 Beach Road #01-03 The 101, Singapore 189703
Tel: 6735 5335

Birthday month, so I received a surprise from Sample Store - thank you very much - consisting of a Customized Rejuvenation Facial (worth SGD$380.00) by Fabulous Aesthetics. A little about Fabulous Aesthetics - it is a beauty group with 2 outlets in Singapore (Holland Village and Beach Road), started by Richard Sng since 2006, offering a wide range of high-tech services such as facials, slimming, teeth whitening, eyebrow embroidery, hair removal, indoor tanning etc services. Even the facials comprise of east-meets-west concepts such as GuaSha Facial, and there are also derma-aesthetics services.

Service was very enthusiastic, I guess. One day before - and on the day of appointments, I received reminders through phone calls, SMSes and Whatsapp! Decor was comfortable, modest and organised, with soothing music in the background. When I arrived, the usual Declaration Form filling took place, followed by a male consultant trying to sell me additional facial treatment services in the seating area (no consultation rooms, I noted).

Then I was led to the treatment area consisting of many small rooms, a bed and range of interesting products stripped of brands.  I had to change into one of those baggy tube gowns and then the gentle, professional Vivian tied my hair up while I lay on the bed.

She began with a touch of minty aromatherapy oil - for me to sniff and then a very light, very dainty massage around my head / temples area. It was followed by makeup removal - starting with cleansing milk and then cooling cleansing gel.

Photosource: http://marlimakeup.com/dermalogica-biosurface-peel/

Afterwards, she did the treatment for me using a "micro-peel machine" - it looked something like this - flat and gray. There were these rollers-like thing as she moved the little rectangular device around my face, and while it was conducting it peeling functions, I could feel moisture being "spritzed" onto my face- the effect of the ionizer of this device I guess. It was very soothing and enjoyable feeling.

Before the peel, Vivian showed me a clear lotion - ok, it was crystal clear all right. After the peel was completed, she showed me the water again - this time, it was somewhat murky and tinged with tiny skin flakes (dead cells removed).

After that, a thick white "hydration mask" was spread across my face and my eyes were covered. I was left to rest for about 20 minutes. When Vivian returned to the chamber, she cleaned off the mask and did a another round of gentle facial massage for me before applying toner and moisturizer for me.

I felt refreshed and rejuvenated after that, and enjoyed the combination of facial and massage techniques thoroughly.  Note that because this was a "customised rejuvenation facial",  there was no specific materials or facial menu to refer to, only based on information I gathered from therapist Vivian, so some terminologies of devices / techniques could be subject to correction.

After the session, I was offered a cup of warm water in the main seating area and the male consultant came over to try to sell me services again. His approach was a little annoying, to be frank - no rapport building, just kept harping on the products and services. But that's atypical of many facial establishments - just that most are done behind closed doors, in little "analysis rooms".

Nonetheless, thank you Sample Store and Fabulous Aesthetics for the wonderful birthday treat!


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