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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Lunch at Badoque Cafe @ Bedok

298 Bedok Road Singapore 469454
Tel: 6446 6928

Badoque Cafe is primarily an American cafe with a heavy fusion twist incorporating Malay, Indonesian and Mediterranean cusine into the menu. I was here with some friends at the strong recommendation of a fellow food-blogger friend.

Ambience was casual, relaxed yet intimate with the tiny bulbs, dimly-lit concept and brick walls. Menu consists mainly of meat items - very reasonable prices for massive portions, and the service was personable and polite.

We started with a round of drinks - this is a halal cafe so all drinks are non-alcoholic.We had Iced Salted Caramel Milkshake (SGD$8.50), Badoque Mojito (SGD$8.50), Pink Frangipani (SGD$8.50) and Iced Lemon Tea (SGD$5.50).

Kepak Bing Bing (SGD$12.50) - juicy and crispy chicken wings in a blend of chilli padi and spices. Juicy, yes; crispy, yes, and spicy, yes that, too - and a very heavy-handed dose of it too. I loved it though, being a lover of spicy food, and I loved the tenderness of the meat. I was on fire after eating a number of these appetite-whetting wings, but the Salted Caramel Milkshake above pacified my palate. It had a very familiar rojak flavour which I spotted immediately,  and upon checking with the staff, confirmed that there were also shrimp paset and ground peanut tosssed into the mix indeed.

Next, Badoque Ribs (SGD$36.00) - tender beef ribs glazed in homemade BBQ sauce. Tender was almost an understatement as the flesh was so succulent, it slid off the racks easily, basked in nectarous and smokey BBQ sauce that made it very enjoyable.

Then Iga Bakar (SGD$36.00) - Indonesian-style beef ribs glazed in sweet and spicy soy sauce; served with fragrant basmati rice. Don't be fooled by the darkness of this dish - you'll brighten up the moment these ribs touch your palate - tasty. tender amd moistened, with great flavour to boost. The aroma of the rice added a nice control to the heavier flavour.

Finally, for the non-beef eaters - Flounder Fish & Chippies (SGD$24.00) - full flavoured and battered flounder fillets served with crispy fries. Think crackling, non-greasy skin giving way to snowy, flakey flesh with a sweet note to it - definitely not your average fish and chips here.

All in all, food here was really, really excellent and won all our hearts over; coupled with wallet-friendly prices and amicable crew, we knew that we would be back again very soon.

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