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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Honey and Milk Yogurt Dessert Bar

180 Kitchener Road #02-K14 City Square, Singapore 208539
Tel: 6834 3040

Being a yogurt lover, I have been dying to try Honey and Milk for a long while, but never found the time to do so. Opportunity presented itself today after an appointment at Owen Road, and I had some time to kill in between - so I popped over to Milk and Honey @ City Square Mall.

Nice to note that there's a cozy little cafe instead of just a buy-and-go stall. I could sit and do my work stuff while enjoying a cooling yogurt parfait in this hot weather!

Yes, Milk and Honey specialises in delicious artisan yogurt parfait made of unique flavours and topped with handcrafted decor such as tiny macarons and meringue.

Besides froyo, they also have beverages and jars of cookies for sale. Anyway I decided to try the Liliac Dream (SGD$6.80) first. A sweet, dreamy looking dessert delight made up of yogurt with lavender seeds at bottom, lavender sauce, lavender meringue, jello and blueberries.

The soft-served, natural yogurt was silky smooth and light on the palate, flavour enhanced dramatically by the aromatic lavender items used, especially the tiny lavender seeds at the bottom. I loved the soft fragrance of the 1macaron as well as the very crunchy mini meringue.  I am happy to give this darling yogurt parfait full scores for its lovely taste and burst of textured all within a cup of goodness.

Also visited Milk and Honey at Jem, Jurong East. This is more of a takeaway concept.
50 Jurong Gateway Road #B1-32 Jem, Singapore 608549
Tel: 6268 7608

Here I tried the Chocolate Divine Yogurt Parfait (SGD$6.80) , made up of chocolate macarons, brownies, Stracciatella sauce, Valrhona noir pearls and chocolate ganache.

It was really delicious at first few bites, thoroughly enjoying the rich chocolate sweetness against lightly sour yogurt flavour; and the Valrhona pearls added crunch. However it got a little cloying for me halfway through. Nonetheless, it still made for a tantalising dessert.

If you are not interested in their standard parfaits, feel free to create and customise your own - they have a wide range of sauces and toppings as well.

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