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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Nuptial Series (xxi) - The Bridesmaids aka "Sisters"

Besides settling the tangible stuffs such as gowns, song lists, photography, etc., we also have to recruit bridesmaids for the Big Day. Whether you need a main bridesmaid or a group of bridesmaids (aka "sisters"), to help out on the actual day, you need to decide. I have a group of 5, mainly for the gatecrash and to help out on the actual day (with gowns changing, holding the dress train and reception duties probably).

Before recruiting, what do we look for in a "sister"?
1.  Go through the cousins and friends list, and choose the closest?
2. Do you need someone who is single in marital status (a dated notion)?
3.  Do you need prefer experienced sisters who will be better helpers?
4. Do you need your sisters to have certain physical aspects - i.e. must they be slim and beautiful, or maybe uglier so they won't outshine you as the bride?
5. If you don't have your own close girlfriends, are you able to ask for help from friends' friends or your husband's friends' partners?
6. Are you able to find sisters who can click with each other or at least get along? (very important, even though you may think it is not your priority).

Photosource: http://godfatherstyle.com/fresh-exquisite-bridesmaid-dresses-2015/

After recruiting the "sisters", what comes next?
1. Organise a meeting before the Big Day - more meetings if you can spare the time, and they can spare the time.
2. Check if everyone is okay if you create a Whatsapp Group Chat to facilitate discussion; if not you can do a Skype or email group chat in lieu.
3. Decide if you want them to dress in similar style or a particular theme. If you would like them to wear "uniforms" or a particular theme / colour you know they don't have, kindly sponsor it. It is unfair to ask for help and still want them to incur unnecessary expenses.
4.  Define roles for everyone for the Gatecrash, reception duties and any other assistance you require - clearly, so there won't be any misunderstanding.
5. Ensure that there are enough bridal cars on the actual day to accommodate all the bridesmaids
6. Keep them in the loop on the itineraries and programs on actual day, as well as the "key people" they should liaise with or keep a lookout for.
7. Decide if you need "standbys" or can find stand-ins, just in case one of them cannot make it on the day.
8. Remember to be patient towards the "first-timers" and be understanding towards everyone, after all they are helping you out. Don't lose your cool despite this stressful period, and don't be too demanding.
9.  Decide on appreciation awards or gifts for their help.
10. Remember to ensure your parents prepared red packets for their help.

Gatecrash Games
1. Discuss about the games and itineraries
2. Decide if a certain suggested "torture" is too overboard
3. Assign a "leader" within the group to take charge and ensure everything on checklist is completed
4. Decide if certain ingredients or items required are too hard to find / time-consuming to prepare
5. Make it clear if you are paying for ingredients or if you expect them to fork out from their own pockets (after all, you are giving them numerous red packets during the day).

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