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Monday, 28 March 2016

Review: Hibiscus and Milk Facial Treatment at Shakura Facial @ Plaza Singapura [Sponsored]

68 Orchard Road #03-28 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839

Tel: 6898 1212

I was happy to be contacted by Shakura Pigmentation Beauty for a sponsored session of beauty treatment. They have a few outlets in Junction 8, J-Cube, Hougang etc as well, but I chose Plaza Singapura's outlet as it is closest to me.

Shakura is a Japanese beauty concept that makes use of milk essence (lactic acid) in their treatment and products to increase cell renewal and decreases chances for skin to develop pigmentation. Through their research and development processes, they have come up with their own special formulas consisting of milk and Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower (Roselle) which is naturally enriched with Vitamin C and amino acids to repair and hydrate skin from deep within. This would lead to improved skin texture and promotes blood circulation, leaving one with smooth, radiant and luminous skin that is pigmentation-free.

Upon arrival, the Consultant attended to me, explaining to me the benefits and procedure of today's facial treatment after she conducted a scan analysis of my face. Then I had to fill in the standard declaration form before I was escorted to one of the many rooms to begin my facial session.

The rooms are small but apparatus are kept to a minimum so that room does not look cluttered. The tones of deep red and white give a comfortable yet sharp feeling; soothing music is played in the background as per usual practice for bodily therapy parlors.

My therapist came in after I changed into their wine red gown. She tied up my hair tucked me into bed comfortably, while explaining to me the sequence of treatment that would take place over the next 1.5 to 2 hours.

Most of the ingredients and treatment processes used here are natural products, specially customised to fit each individual client's skin condition. These treatments are effective for various skin problems and does not thin the skin because the ingredients are not harsh compared to most machine treatments out there. For more severe conditions they will also use their machines to complement the natural skin treatments for more effective results.

I was served a glass of Roselle tea which I enjoyed very much. The treatment program kickstarted with cleansing of the face using their specially-formulated cleanser. Then the therapist went out to mix / concoct a special facial cream for my face which she applied upon her return. Milk enzyme and a thick, cold mask were then spread over my face in two different steps - I was left to rest for around 20 minutes after mask application. She cleaned off the mask thereafter, and applied a hydration essence over my face followed by a very enjoyable eye massage.

Throughout the process, the therapist did half the face first, and then asked me to see and feel the difference before proceeding with full face. I liked the gentle and soothing treatment overall. It felt especially good knowing that my skin was being pampered with delicious, nutritional ingredients such as hibiscus and milk. I also liked how they customize certain creams specially for each unique individual's skin to offer a targeted healing approach.

Thank you Shakura for the treatment; my skin felt more firm, brighter and moisturized after the session!

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