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Sunday, 27 March 2016

[Media Invite] Golf, drinks and food at Urban Fairways (Revisit)

168 Robinson Road #01-07 Capital Tower, Singapore 068912
Tel: 6327 8045

This was a Yelp media event for all community members and reviewers to bond and have some fun together in a chillax sports bar settings. We were here at 7.00pm sharp and proceeded to register ourselves. This was also my second visit; for details of my first visit, click here.

Urban Fairways is a cafe that serves up interesting fusion food items, a pub with wide range of drinks as well as an indoor golf range played on simulators replicate of luxurious golf courses all around the world. The service crew here is dressed as caddies but instead of golf clubs, they hand out food and drinks.

Simulator rates are as follows:
Mon to Fri (8.00am to 5.00pm) - SGD$75.00++ an hour
Mon to Fri (5.00pm to 11.00pm) - SGD$150++ an hour
Saturday (all day) - SGD$75.00++ an hour

Back to the Yelp event, after registering, we had to download the Yelp app on our phones and check-in. Then door gifts were handed out to us, as well as "guess the number of golf tees" contest. We were also given 2 black tees each, to exchange for drinks.

In the mood for reds, I started with a glass of Red Wine and ended up another glass of the same. We mingled around with representatives from Yelp as well as other reviewers, eating and playing virtual golf as the night drew on.

Food-wise, they started us with Delhi Belly Good (SGD$12.00), made of flat bread, feta cheese, red pepper, Spanish onion and coriander. The pastry base was crunchy and ingredients were flavourful - a lovely combination of spices and umami cheesey goodness.

Next, Oh Calcutta (SGD$14.00) - chicken tikka wrap with poppadoms and mint yogurt. This made for another tasty bite flaunting the heavy taste of spicy tikka chicken and refreshing pierce of mint yogurt.

Following that, Amazeballs (SGD$15.00) - meatballs, parmesan, spicy tomato sauce and ciabatta. One of our favorite dishes as well - this tangy dish with tender, springy beef meatballs.

Last but not least, Wrap & Roll (SGD$14.00), comprising rice paper stuffed with red pepper, coriander, mint, cucumber, carrot, glass noodles, soy, lime and chilli. The palate was on fire with this one, but the sensation was addictive; the chopped vegetables were crunchy and an explosion of flavours as well.

Finally, the night came to a close with some photo taking and announcement of the contest winners. Wow, my wild guess of 66 golf tees turned out to be the closest of 65 tees in total, making me the proud winner to walk away with SGD$500.00 voucher from Urban Fairways.

This marked a happy night - thank you Melissa (Instagram @cptslowyeo for the invite and Yelp for the fabulous event.

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