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Friday, 18 March 2016

Lunch at Grain Traders @ Capita Green

138 Market Street #01-01 / 02 / 03 Capita Green, Singapore 048946 
Tel: 6348 6559 

*Sidney has been raving about Grain Traders for months, so I finally decided to go for it today. Located at the beautiful new green office building Capita Green, Grain Traders is long, spacious and looks like a glass house with all-glass windows so that passer-bys could look in and diners could look out, easily. The entire look was neat, organised and Spartan, with soft pink patterned walls. Service was efficient, especially when it came to clearing of bowls / plates. Well, we couldn’t really blame them – by 11.45am, the crowd starts pouring in and by 12noon, the queue is akin an anaconda (ok, let’s just say it’s long).

So, at Grain Traders, their motto is “feeding people right” with hearty, healthy, quality meals. There are ready-made “Signature Bowls” consisting of a grain (Japanese rice, soba noodles, wild rice, quinoa etc.), a meat of choice, a hot veggie, 2 cold veggies, 1 sauce and 1 topping, etc. - or one could create our own specials by choosing the “Build Your Own Bowl” option. The latter costs SGD$16.00 nett, and one could top up a mere SGD$2.00 to add a drink and snack (banana, usually). I loved how the items all looked colourful, fresh and varied in cuisine. They also have a small array of desserts such as muffins and tarts. 

When it is crowded inside, it is not uncommon to see people adopting the Standing Dining Concept and stand around high tables outside the restaurant, happily enjoying their meals over chitchat or phone-surfing.

*Sidney had the “Build-Your-Own-Bowl” (SGD$16.00) – his healthy bowl was made up of Quinoa, roasted chicken, roasted butternut squash and sweet potato, mixed bean Pico de callo, beansprout salad and seed mix. The Tuna in the photo is added by our mistake – to be explained shortly. The roasted chicken was very tender and smooth.

I also chose the “Build-Your-Own-Bowl” (SGD$16.00) option – comprising Quinoa, seared marinated tuna, grilled beets and carrots, apple kimchi, California raisins and Tamarind chipotle vinaigrette. The grilled striploin steak was added by mistake because *Sidney read my “beet” as “beef” , lol, so we added it as an extra protein at SGD$3.00. I would say it was a lovely mistake because I got to try the steak, and it was succulent and flavourful, accentuating its vegetable counterparts very well. My seared tuna was moistened, soft and delicious with the gentlest hint of black pepper. The apple kimchi and beets were bursting with raw deliciousness as well.

Cold-pressed juices were also part of the order – refreshing, sweet and thirst-quenching. Overall, I enjoyed my dining experience here because every mouthful was fulfilling, and the people-watching was simply entertaining (except that we were being watched as well, since we sat by the window). I would be back to try others, very soon.

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