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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Drinks at The Auld Alliance Whiskey Bar @ Rendezvous Hotel

9 Bras Basah Road #02-02A Rendezvous Hotel Gallery, Singapore 187996
Tel: 6338 7837

After dinner and desserts at two separate places, we decided to drop by The Auld Alliance for whiskey. I was never a whiskey fan - in fact, it is my most disliked alcoholic drink due to bad past experiences. Curiosity killed the cat because there aren't many whiskey bars in Singapore, and this place has a very extensive and impressive collection.

Interior was furnished very lavishly in rich tones of rich oak and dark mahogany tones, housing buttery soft leather seats that could only be described as luxurious, and rows of Whiskey lined the shelves, forming part of the decor themselves. In fact, it looked like an old English library in a posh home.

Service was professional and polite, bordering on friendly at times. Menu contains strictly Whiskey with a very small collection of cocktails and wines, as well as non-alcoholic drinks.  I was awed - I have read about the wonders of Whiskey and the various notes in them - making it the choice drink for distinguished gentlemen, but nothing prepared me for this list featuring detailed notes and description on each drink.

There is no food to be ordered in this whiskey bar - no tapas or light bites, so be prepared for a liquid diet. They do serve nuts to go along with our drinks and these orange-hued nuts are refillable.

Sampling sets are available for the rookies to the Whiskey world, starting from SGD$38.00++ onwards. They are served in pretty little wine-glasses or teapots, depending on what the customers like. I thought this is a good way to get started on Whiskey, and definitely value for money since one would get to try many 4 drinks in one night, at a reasonable price.

I decided to go for French series - Absinthe, though the alcoholic content was at 70% high. My drink is named Belle Amie (SGD$24.00) - interestingly, it came in a drip form. I wanted patiently and watched the precious Whiskey falling drop by drop into the glass, till I got a beautiful light-Jade green drink in front of me. A whiff drew out the tangier notes that was like parsley, coriander. It was smooth to the tongue's touch, and tasted like the way it smelt - slightly piercing but sweet, nothing like the usual Whiskey I used to drink. I loved it and my views on Whiskey changed immediately.

Friends had other whiskey drinks - Highland Park (SGD$16.00), Bunnahabhain (SGD$18.00) and Glenfiddich (SGD$24.00).   Some of the ice cubes are shaped like footballs - adorable, but they melted faster.

Thank you *I for introducing this place to us. I love it absolutely, and shall now look at these luscious glasses of liquid gold with different eyes. I will be back for sure.

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