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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Dinner at Crystal Jade Jiangnan Restaurant @ Toa Payoh

470 Toa Payoh Lorong 6, #01-70, Singapore 310470
Tel: 6250 2301

Having eaten at Crystal Jade Kitchen at Toa Payoh before, we wanted to return to eat certain items, and was surprised to see that it has become Jiangnan concept. Nonetheless, we proceeded to check the menu and give the food a try.

Interior decor was posh and sophisticated, heavy in modern classic Oriental flavor. Service was efficient and professional.

We started with the delightedly colorful Assorted Flavours Xiao Long Buns (SGD$10.80) consisting of 4 in a tray. Since three of us liked Xiao Long Buns and it was hard to share them, we decided to get a tray each.

Vegetable flavor - as name implies, the broth-filled buns were pleasantly sapid of vegetable's subtle green taste.

Ginseng flavor - lighter in taste, but bursting with the herb's natural sweetness.

Salted Egg flavor - thick and redolent of salted egg's aroma and taste; this was easily a favorite amongst us.

Chilli Crab flavor - a little spicy, and robust with a familiar local delight's flavour, this rocked our palates too.

We enjoyed our Xiao Long Buns overall, and the flesh of the minced pork within the buns was succulent.

Next, the Signature Szechuan Dan Dan La Mian, which came in a huge bowl but fortunately the portion was reasonable. The handmade noodles were springy in texture, tasting undeniably good in the thick, spicy broth filled with ground peanuts. It was amazing how this bowl of noodles barely contained any ingredients but was addictive to feast on.

Finally, Fried Rice with Prawns, Chicken and Ham. Each mouthful was easy on the palate, a lovely soft texture that was not mushy, but rather bursting with the aroma of eggs tossed into the mix. The ingredients were fresh and we enjoyed this hearty, homely dish.

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