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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Afternoon Tea at AEIOU Cafe

111 King George's Avenue, Singapore 208559
Tel: 6291 2698
Website: http://aeiou.sg

Located at Lavendar area are myriad of cafes popping up, each with its own distinctive uniqueness. However, it would be tough for anyone to walk past AEIOU Cafe and not take a second glance, because of its vintage settings, the furniture and decoration leaning heavily on antiques and collectibles. How precious, right?

*Celine and I came here because I wanted to try the famous Avocado Coffee which I have heard mixed reviews about, but little did I expect to find so many interesting items on the menu itself - such as Brekkie Hotpot (SGD$18.90), as well as totally healthy items such as Quinoa & Kale Salad, etc.  A pity that we've just taken brunch at a nearby cafe, but now I know where to visit for healthy cafe garb.

While the decor is largely interesting - vintage crockery, marble-tiled counter, old Scientist's lamp, Tin Tin & Scarecrow etc, there is also a large patch of grass mounted on the wall - giving the cafe some greenery? I don't know, but it felt kind of cluttered and messy. Maybe this is the hipster look this cafe intends to portray?

Service was warm and friendly, and the array of desserts was largely tempting - ranging from different types of cheesecake to flourless orange cakes to tiramisu etc.

For drinks, *Celine had a Thai Iced Coffee (SGD$6.00) which she mentioned tasted like the Oriental's iced tea aka "Teh Beng". Weird.... I didn't taste it so I could not imagine.

I had my desired Avocado Coffee (SGD$8.00) with came in two separate parts - a tall glass of creamy, thick avocado blend and a small cup of black coffee. Before I mixed them together, I picked a spoonful of each to test out, and liked the flavour, therefore I took the brave move to pour the entire cup of black coffee into the avocado. The result was a smooth, creamy concoction of coffee that was luscious with avocado's buttery flavour. I was glad I came to experience this for myself.

For desserts, we shared a slice of Yuzu and Lime Cheesecake (SGD$7.00) - rich and indulgent but not so thick that it got "greasy", like how some cheesecakes are. This satin-smooth slice was sweet with a touch of zest from its fruity components, and melted in the mouths lusciously; the biscuit base added bite to the dessert.

The Classic Tiramisu (SGD$8.50) was served in a huge Vodka glass, with layers of mascarpone cream, coffee curd and raspberry compote. It was redolent with coffee fragrance but light in alcoholic (if any) flavour; the fruit added a touch of tart which actually perked the typical tiramisu-in-a-jar up.

Overall, this was a lovely experience and I would definitely be back for the healthy food items as well as the Avocado Coffee again.

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