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Friday, 29 January 2016

Dinner at Little Fish Shop @ Nex

23 Serangoon Central, #04-15 / 16 Nex, Singapore 556083
Tel: 6634 7941

A spin-off, or branch of Greenwood Seafood Bistro (review here), the Little Fish Shop is truly a hidden gem tucked away on level 4 of Nex Shopping Mall - just when I thought I knew Nex well enough!  Little Fish Shop is the expansion into the heartlands, serving quality, fresh and affordable seafood dishes from around the world.

Complete with quasi-classy decor of mirrors and sophisticated tones, this restaurant was inviting, comfortable and cosy all at once, giving me a pleasant surprise when I stepped in.  Yes, I was meeting the other two girlies for our tri-annual catching up dinner.

Service was affable enough, with only two service staff on duty it was a little slow though; and unfortunately there were a lot of "unavailable items" that night. The recommendations for replacement were good though.

We started with Mussels (SGD$16.95) for appetisers, cooked in broth. It was exploding with fresh sweetness upon contact with the teeth; springy and chewy, soaking in the goodness of the tasty broth. The mussels were huge - probably one of the largest the three of us have seen / eaten so far, and utterly palatable. If only there was more broth...

For mains, *Janice wanted the Salmon from the "Premium Fish" section but it was unavailable unfortunately. The recommendation replacement was Ocean Trout (SGD$24.95) from the same section, pan-seared.  It was served with 2 sides, so *Janice opted for mashed potatoes and chips. Her feedback was that the Ocean Trout was good, but bore a striking resemblance to salmon in aesthetics and palatial aspects, as well as the creamy, flakey texture.

*Amelia opted for the Ling Cod (SGD$26.95) originally listed under the "Premium Fish" section but we were informed that this particular one fell under the "Trawler Catch of the Day" section hence the difference in price as well. She opted for char-grilled preparation and sides of grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes.

I had wanted the Black Cod Chillean Seabass, which was also unavailable thus, replaced by the Ling Cod (SGD$26.95), having been described to bear resemblance to the cod and catfish (doesn't sound right huh). I opted for pan-seared doneness and sides of fresh green salad and chips. The fish did taste like catfish - the more taut version of it, a little creamy as well, but nothing like black cod. Regardless, the fish was fresh and tasted good; chips were crispy and greens were refreshing.

It was a hearty and delightful meal, a cross between its more elegant flagship at Bukit Timah and, say, Fish & Co, portions were generous and the ambience was brilliantly catered for a good dinner to be had, amidst the heartland chain restaurants.

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