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Monday, 14 December 2015

Review of Muvee Space [Event / Entertainment / Sponsored]

61 Ubi Road 1, #01-16 Ubi Oxley BizHub 1, Singapore 408727
Tel: 8181 688

Adding on to the entertainment industry is a new concept that is taking place, to be officially launched next month (January 2016). These days, with so many new movies coming to the screens of major theatres, the lifespan of each movie is pretty short. Within a month, the movie would've been taken off the big screens to make room for the next blockbuster or holiday flick.

At Muvee Space, you can catch movies you have missed, or older favorites, in the privacy of your own little theatre, with friends or loved ones. Yes, this is a popular concept overseas currently, and it is being adopted in Singapore so that you can spend quality time with friends and family without worrying about movie-goers who munch on food loudly, talk or use their phones in the cinemas.

The booking process is very simple, just complete the following steps:-

Go to the website to check out what are the movies available for screening and booking.  Note that these are not the latest movies because only Golden Village, Shaw, Cathay and Filmgarde theaters have the rights to the latest and newest movies.

Click on the "Book Online" tab to select the time slot we would like for our chillout / event session. There's different time slots available - 2 hour slot, 3 hour slot and full day slot to choose from.

Next, select the date, day and time of choice. When we click on it and see green, it means this time slot is available for booking. The gray areas mean that the slots have been blocked / booked, so we might have to change the day / time.

Following that, we fill in our particulars such as name, email address, telephone number and the movie title. If there are any special requests or queries, we are also able to key into the remarks box for them to process / address.

Finally, we need to confirm the booking. For now, payment is made in cash on the spot, when we arrive for our movies. I hope that when they launch officially, they are able to accept payment via credit card, eNets or Paypal at least.

Anyway, we arrived at the designated area for our experience of this concept.  Each room is furnished rather spaciously, think of it as your KTV room. You have it all to yourself. We reached at 7.00pm.  The seats are huge, cushy and comfortable; each room should be able to seat 4-5 persons. Small tables are positioned in front of the seats for our food or drinks. Like the exact seats in certain theaters, feel free to lean back and lie low while watching the movies in utter comfort.

We chose to catch "The Interview", a political comedy. It was a very humorous film with depth, and the sound system was very good - clear, distinctive and lucid; it made the movie come alive, and the surroundings seemed to belong to us.

Simple food items would be served - a mixed bowl of popcorn chicken, sweet potato puffs, mini dumplings, sausages and some balls. Potential was rather substantial and standard movie bites. Importantly, they were served hot. Drinks consisted of soft drinks in cans or Apple / Lychee Fizz.

We ordered extra food and drinks (nuts, popcorn, mini dumplings and popcorn chicken).since we were ravenous and we had taken the 3-hour slot. For the amount of food and drinks, we paid around SGD$33.00, standard movie snacks' fare. The menu will be revised and improvised upon during the official launch, with more variety of food items.

Service was attentive and effecient overall, and the settings were clean, well-maintained, cosy and makes for quality hanging out with family and friends. Price is reasonable as well. We cannot wait for the official launch so that we can start chilling out at Muvee Space with friends in our own enclosed space and catching flims that we can no longer catch at major theatres.   Thank you Muvee Space for the invite, and excellent experience!

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