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Saturday, 5 December 2015

[Media Invite] Launch of Gourmeiji Mushroom Swiss Burger @ Burger King

30 Prinsep Street, Level 1, ERC Institute, Singapore 188647

Burger King is no stranger to the local fast food scene; many of us probably grew up eating their burgers. Founded in 1953 in Florida, United States, Burger King has since made its way across the world, becoming the 2nd largest fast food hamburger chain in the world.  Buger King first made its appearance in Singapore in 1982, and currently has 35 outlets spanning the island.

This is a media invited tasting by OMY and hosted by Burger King's marketing team. The event comprised of a kitchen tour and tasting of the new Gourmeiji Mushroom Swiss. Yes, most of us should be familiar their Mushroom Swiss Bugers - the shimeiji adds a umami twist with black pepper shimeiji mushrooms, and has launched since 3 December 2015. This burger comes in both the Chicken and Beef versions, so take your pick.

Just a little more information about the shimeiji mushrooms - besides adding a tasty "Umami taste" to the burger, it also brings about a firm texture. Best of all, mushrooms low in calories yet rich in Vitamin D, fibre, selenium and anti-oxidants! So get a load of these goodness in your burgers!

The event commenced with us bloggers or media personnel chopping a seat at the long row of tables. I spotted some familiar faces and made new friends while we perused the menu and studied the media kits available, to find out more about these amazing Gourmeiji burgers.

There was a photo booth for us to take some shots with adorable props. We were then each given a copy of the photo for keepsake. I was happy to finally grab a photo with Tracy (blogsite here) whom I always see at events.

We were given some "lessons" by the pretty Karen on Burger King and the burger, before the kitchen tour by Jonathan. Yes, Burger King has opened up its kitchens to the public for a tour, so you get to know how they maintain hygiene, how they prepare their delicious burgers, and what they do to ensure that your meals are served within 60 seconds. It was an eye-opener for some of us, and the crew was very friendly. No photos were allowed so I'll try to describe the process as interesting as possible.

1. An overview of the spacious kitchen and various stations within
2. The 1-minute hand washing, sanitising and nails-brushing process, followed by application of sanitizing gel. The crew washes up to the arms area and repeat the process on an hourly basis.
3. At the Broiler, we see how the patties are flame-grilled (yes, we watched the flames sizzle literally). No seasoning or oil is added to the grilling process; but the juice is preserved to avoid dryness of the meat.
4. Ground / minced beef patties are being used; hence it is important to adhere to a certain temperature (around 115°C) so no requests for doneness shall be entertained.
5. Temperature of patties are measured 3-4 times a day. If a patty does not meet requirements, it shall be discarded and the tray and apparatus all sanitized.
6. At the Preparation Board, we saw how the food were stored neatly with proper labelling. The crew toasted the buns for 10 seconds, then put the ingredients together in around 30 seconds. After which, the burger is wrapped up and given to the customers with a smile.

So yes, if you are interested in the Kitchen Tour and DIY Burger event, please feel free to contact Burger King at marketing@burgerking,com.sg or call 6754 7028. The price is a mere SGD$10.00 for adults and SGD$8.00 for children.

After our kitchen tour, we set about enjoying the new burgers! But first, we started with the Creamy Tomato ROCK IT fries that come with the Gourmeiji burger. It can be purchased at SGD$3.30 at ala carte price or upgraded with any upsize meals purchased.  So we'd just torn open the satchet of creamy tomato powder, poured it into the bag of fries and shook the bag. Voila- creamy fries with a tinge of sweetness.

The Gourmeiji Mushroom Swiss Chicken Burger comes with lightly toasted sesame buns, tender-grilled premium chicken thigh, melted Swiss cheese, Batavian lettuce, caramelised onions and of course, the mushrooms!  The first bite of the burger was amazing - tender chicken, squishy mushrooms giving a bite to it, and the flavour was just bursting with goodness.

Next, the Gourmeiji Mushroom Swiss Beef Burger, consisting of lightly toasted sesame buns, Whopper beef patty, Batavian lettuce, caramelised onions, melted Swiss cheese and mushrooms. The first bite was packed with punch - delicious, juicy and succulent, tinged with smokey hints that enhanced the flavours greatly. Personally, I preferred the beef to the chicken, but the latter has a charm of its own.

Just a disclaimer too, that the actual burgers are NOT served on plates with utensils. This is just for illustration and media tasting purpose.

Finally, desserts. Another of my all-time favorites at Burger King, something consistently good, would be the Hershey's Pie. Crusted hard with chocolate, the velvety interior was soft, creamy and luscious - this always perks me up!

We went home full and happy after a good meal, made happier with the great company, and further exulted by the gift bag comprising magnet board, gift vouchers, Beyond Mushroom Mask, a pack of Shimeiji Mushrooms, a mug and something like a post-it pad.

Thank you Burger King for the marvellous meal, information and great experience; and thank you OMY for the invite!

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