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Sunday, 13 December 2015

[Media Invite] Dinner and drinks at KPO Cafe Bar [Revisit]

1 Killiney Road, Killiney Road Post Office, Singapore 239518
Tel:  6733 3648
Reservations: http://goo.gl/mKrXrw

Killiney Post Office (KPO) Cafe Bar has been a favorite hangout of mine for a while, especially during the time when I was hanging out with the law enforcement group. I was pleasantly surprised to be invited for media tasting here, basking in the lovely ambience, impeccable service and listening to the fabulous live band belting out music of my favorite era.  For review on one of the previous visits, please click here.

When KPO Bar opened its door in 2010, it was one of the rare-r rooftop bars concept, and one would always see crowds lounging as early as late afternoon. By nightfall, loud music was pulsating, and this place is frequented by bankers, lawyers and an assortment of executive types.

Hosted by the amicable marketing team of Imagings Group (we also met them during Nassim Hill media tasting). we started with a round of drinks.  I had the Queen Bee Cocktail (SGD$20.00), made up of Prosecco, Campari, Gin, orange juice and passion fruit - a very refreshing drink filled with citrusy goodness. The Yuzu Runner Cocktail (SGD$20.00), comprising Absolut Elyx, yuzu, lime, kaffir lime leaves and club soda, had a class of its own, bursting with sweet and sour flavours.  The Chocolate Lah Martini (SGD$20.00) was concocted from Valrhona Chocolate, Absolut Vodka, cream and marshmallow - a tantalising drink packed with punch and luscious richness.

The Pork Cubes (SGD$16.00) graced the table first, deep fried so that the light-batter coating the pork was crispy; and tasted utterly good with the spicy dark garlic soya sauce.  It was addictive to pop these tender squares into the mouth and kept at it throughout the night, especially over drinks.

Next, the signature KPO Hokkien Mee (SGD$16.00) - the more luxurious version of our local delight, cooked the traditional way with pork lard, laden with goodness such as prawns, squids, pork belly strips, and yellow and white noodles. Every bite was tasty, filled with very sufficient "wok air" (aka "wok hey") - the quality used to measure a good zichar dish. The noodles were springy, and there was enough gravy to keep the dish moistened yet not soggy. Cravings for this kicked in the very next day onwards.

Following that, Wagyu Capsule (SGD$25.00) - KPO's homemade French baguette stuffed with grilled wagyu beef cubes, Dijon mustard, mayonnaise, roasted garlic and jalapeño. The crusty bread gave way to very juicy and succulent beef beefs bursting with flavours - saltish, with a dash of spiciness from the jalapeño. Eating bread has never been this fun, or tasty before.

The KPO Pork Ribs (SGD$24.00) comes in spicy or original flavour; we had the original. These tender ribs were charbroiled to perfection, having been marinated to KPO's "sworn-to-secret" sauce. The ribs felt off the racks easily, and had a saccharine flavour to it, much like honey and the tiniest tinge of herbs (IMHO).

Next, Pizza Bruschetta (SGD$24.00) - a 10-inch thin-crust Margherita pizza topped with rocket leaves, basil, sun-dried tomatoes and mozarella cheese. Laden with ingredients and easy to eat because of its crispy thin crust, this pizza made for fabulous bar grub. It unfortunately did not stand out amongst the other heavier-tasting dishes we had, so order it on its own or paired with lighter snacks.

Then Not-A-Ramlee-Burger (SGD$17.00) made its way to us, standing tall and bursting with delicacy within the toasted homemade sesame buns - the signature sliced Yorkshire pork was piled high with lettuce, fried over-easy egg, mayo, chopped pickles and a touch of Sriracha chili; fries were served on the side. It resembled the ramly burger in certain ways, but the Yorkshire pork upped the status of this huge burger. Tender, and exploding with different types of texture, making this an almost fun dish to devour; I especially loved how the distinctive "egg-y" flavour contrasted with the duller flavour of the pork, heightened by the Sriracha.

The Fat Mini Chicken Burgers (SGD$12.00) looked like tiny versions of the burger we'd just had. These sliders were made up of toasted sesame buns, lettuce and a Sriracha aioli, and held together by a stick. We finished these delicacies in two bites, munching on the sweet toasted buns, crispy fried mini chicken patties and enjoying the light kick evoked by the Sriracha aioli.

Next, Kimchi Fried Rice (SGD$16.00) came topped with a sunny side up egg and piece of crispy chicken skin - a sinful but utterly scrumptious delight. The grainy rice was lovely to chew on, moistened yet not mushy, infused sweetly with the poked egg yolk cascading over its slightly-spicy taste; the crackling layer of chicken skin was addictive as well, adding crunch to the dish.

The Sliced Yorkshire Pork (SGD$18.00) was charbroiled to a beautiful golden brown, succulent in texture and tinged with a delicious smokey accent. These premium pork slices were topped with pepper and sesame flecks, giving the flavour an extra boost.

Finally, the Wagyu Beef Cubes (SGD$32.00) were so good, we had two plates of them. 200grams of Wagyu beef cubes grilled to perfection and served with sea salt - the meat was nearly melty, utterly succulent and juicy; the natural flavour of beef was marked with smokey hints, and was especially becoming when dabbed with a little sea salt. Special thanks to the gorgeous Audrey for including this!

Last item for the night was the Chips 'n' Cream (SGD$14.00), another innovative addiction made up of vanilla bean ice-cream, house-made fresh potato chips and salted caramel sauce. Between the crisps and the coldness, between the saltiness and the sweetness, every mouthful was exciting and a new experience. The house-made chips were crispy and yet fleshy- you would taste the potato goodness literally. Most of us fell head over heels in love with this dish.

Besides the beautiful greenhouse ambience and prime location of KPO Cafe Bar, good music and excellent service, another reason to head down is because on Wednesdays, Martinis go for a mere SGD$8.00 a glass (choose from 4 flavours) and high-tea set is served at SGD$32.00 nett - at night! I for one am certainly thrilled to learn that I can have my tiered high-tea favorites at night now!  Make your reservations now through here.

Thank you Audrey and team, and KPO Cafe Bar for the perfect hosting; as well as special thanks to Hungrygowhere for the invite!

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