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Monday, 7 December 2015

Lunch at WANTON Seng's Noodle Bar @ Amoy Street

52 Amoy Street, Singapore 069878
Tel: 6221 1336

Ever fancied having drinks over your favorite wanton noodles, in a dim, intimate setting complete with mirrors and long bar counter? Wait no more- head over to WANTON Seng's Noodle Bar now for your favorite Asian / local food and chill out while you're at it. The food hailed from the famous Seng's Wanton Mee of Dunman Food Centre,  but the concept here is a novel collaboration with The Establishment Group.

In this contemporary setting which is a union of traditional hawkerism and the modern dining style, one can get to enjoy a deconstructed version of the original Seng's Wanton Mee. Service was rather affable and thoughtful - I'd arrived early and was waiting for *Ms L. and so I placed order for us first. They served my wine but offered to wait till she got here before they prepared the noodles - a smart move too, in case noodles turned soggy / hard and creates bad first impressions.

Anyway, even though they serve Wanton Noodles here, customers had the choice of roast meat, char siew, pork ribs or mushrooms. We could also choose between boiled or fried wantons. Oh, by the way, wantons simply mean "meat dumplings" in Chinese, in case you are wondering why it's known as a wanton noodle.

I decided to order two different ones so that *Miss L. and I could swap and try more items.  I also nursed a glass of Sauvignon Blanc (SGD$12.00) during the meal. On hindsight, I thought that I should have gotten the reds instead, since pork is a red meat. Nonetheless, it was an interesting pairing.

The Siu Yok Mee aka Roast Meat Noodles (SGD$6.50) was made up of double-roasted pork belly, scallions, fried shallots and wantons as well as noodles, of course. The noodles were bouncy and firm in texture, each strand was long and dinstinct and there was no clumping. The wantons were soft - not in a mushy way - but tasty; the double roasted roast pork belly had crispy skin and tender flesh.

The Char Siew Mee aka Honey-BBQ Pork Noodles (SGD$6.50) comprised aburi slow-cooked pork belly (char siew), wantons, scallions and fried shallots. The char siew was very succulent and soft, utterly delicious, and the noodles were springy as well.

For their noodles, you would be asked whether you wanted "chilli", "tomato" or "dark soy sauce", because the sauces are all on your table and you get to concoct your favorite taste. There are also jars of Fried Pork Lard if you wish to indulge, eating like people of the past. We did.

*Miss L. also added a 5-minute Egg (SGD$2.00) into her noodles, and she mentioned it enhanced the entire taste by alot.

Overall, the food here was good enough - the servings were of good size and the meats were prepared impeccably well. The ambience was quiet and relaxing; being a wanton noodles lover myself, I will definitely be back for more noodles and wine pairing!

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