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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Lunch at Riccioti Italian Restaurant @ The Riverwalk

Photosource: https://sweetlifeinsingapore.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/ricciotti-irresistibly-italian/

20 Upper Circular Road #B1-49 / 50 The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416
Tel: 6533 9060

Riciotti Singapore has been around since 2004, bringing to the patrons nothing short of what a good family-oriented Italian restaurant should offer - good food, passion, tradition, laughter, love, joy and loud conversations.  They created a complete Italian dining experience with modern art,  music and contemporary design etc, embracing the Italian culture wholesomely.  Besides that, Riciotti Singapore also organizes "Food for Good" initiatives which include fund-raising and other charitable events.

We were there for our company Christmas lunch, enjoying a hearty meal and friendly service throughout the course of it all.

I had a Cod Fillet (SGD$32.00) - pan seared and luscious, served with sautéed spinach and potatoes, and topped with sun-dried tomatoes, thyme and wine sauce. I loved how the crackling skin parted easily under knifepoint to reveal snowy flesh that melted deliciously in the mouth, heightened by the sauce it was infused with.

The Cozze (SGD$24.00) - mussels cooked in white wine sauce had a class of its own, springy mussels bathing in a delicious white wine broth. Choice of tomato broth is available in lieu of white wine sauce. Toasted garlic bread was served with this dish.

The Tagliere di Affettati (SGD$24.00) consisted of a platter of parma ham, honey-baked ham, mortadella and chorizo, served with toasted baguette slices, rocket salad and olives. The thin slices of cured meat were tender and tasty, making for the perfect appetiser.

Next, the Nizzarda Salad (SGD$19.00) was made up of mesclun, fresh tuna loin, quail eggs, green beans, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and anchovies topped with sherry dressing. I loved this refreshing starter because it contained most of my favorite foodstuff all in one!

The Calamari (SGD$15.00) were crispy and served with a spicy tomato dip. We liked it so much there were additional orders of this anti-pasti.

Following that, we had the Supplì  (SGD$15.00) - an Italian snack that was primarily fried risotto balls stuffed with beef ragu and mozarella cheese. These crispy balls stuffed with chewy rice were quickly snapped up as well.

The Fritto Misto (SGD$16.00) was made upo of fried dory fish fillets served with tartare dip and greens. I did not get to try this one unfortunately - so it must have been good and snapped up fast by ravenous colleagues :)

Next, an assortment of Pizzas and Pizza Platters - my most memorable favorites were the Al Granchio (SGD$20.00) made up of crabmeat and other mixed seafood; as well as the Quattro Formaggi (SGD$18.00), essentially the 4-cheese pizza made up of scamorza, gorgonzola, parmesan and mozarella.

Desserts came next. Carrot Cake (SGD$8.00) was moistened, with cinnamon and walnuts, topped with frosting.  The cake was dense but not hard, sweet but not cloying; a rather good slice of carrot cake.

The latter two desserts were unnamed; they might be festive specials - the first one was like a lemon cake topped with a layer of zesty foam; the latter was like rich chocolate cookies studded with nuts.  Both were enjoyable in their own way.

Overall, we enjoyed our meal at Ricciotti Singapore's - with the very warm touch of the crew and hearty good food.

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