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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Dinner at Strangers' Reunion Cafe [Sponsored]

35 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169356
Tel:  6222 4869

"Let's make love, coffee, and magic" - famous catchy words that ring in one's head, long after they have been uttered.   The sister company of Curious Palette, everyone talks about their "magic coffee" and waffles. Opened by Ryan Tan - Singapore National Barista Champion - some say Asean National Barista Champion as well, and some say National Barista Champion three times over - how could one not want to pop by and try their coffee?

I was the fortunate winner of a Cafeweek 2015 contest hosted by OpenRice and Nomnom, a contest that I wasn't even aware of! Anyway, I settled on Strangers' Reunion because I have never been there, and their concept interested me. The prize was dinner for two worth SGD$70.00, so I reckon that the price of their Cafeweek 2015 set dinner would be SGD$35.00 each - very reasonable.

Anyway, the interior was calming, minimalistic and pretty, with exotic paintings adorning the wall. The only qualm was probably the cramped tables - too close to each other. Service was attentive enough, but the level of understanding was a little ruffled. The array of cakes looked so tempting - if we weren't having the set dinners, I would have ordered the colorful Rainbow Cheesecake for sure.

We started with an Iced Mocha (SGD$7.00) that was aromatic, luscious and velvety with chocolate flavour. The Beau thought the coffee was a little potent, but I enjoyed the punch.

The first item aka appetizer was the Inside Out Scotch Egg - cheddar-filled sausage wrapped in egg, with salted egg yolk hollandaise, petit salad and tomato relish. It was the most innovative and tasty dish of the night - loved the crusty battering of the egg and the tasty fillings within the halved hard-boiled egg.  The cheddar stood out in particular, heightening the overall flavour of this dish.

Next came the main course - consisting of their signature Buttermilk Waffle with yogurt-marinated kashmiri fried chicken, served with southern gravy, red cabbage slaw and corn salad.   The fluffy waffles were crispy and light in texture, melting in the mouth with a faintly-detectable buttermilk fragrance. The fried chicken was fairly normal; it went well eaten together with the waffle, cabbage slaw and corn salad in one bite.

Finally, desserts were served - Vodka Crepe Suzette, with orange caramel, vodka flambe and vanilla bean ice-cream.  The vanilla bean ice-cream was good - creamy, and redolent of vanilla bean's luscious note. The crepes were a little hard / doughy for our liking, and the orange caramel sauce was very little, hardly enough to drench the crepe suzette and infuse flavours into it.  I preferred my crepe suzette at Henri Charpentier and The White Rabbit.

Overall, it was still a rather good dining experience, punctuated with rather good food and magical coffee. Thank you OpenRice and Nomnom for the wonderful treat!

Photosource: http://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/food/crowds-turn-up-at-strangers-reunion-

By the way, the Head Chef Sebastian Tan has unfortunately been diagnosed with stage four cancer in four spots (lungs, brains, bones and lymph nodes). As such, join the #saveastranger fundraiser and dine for a good cause at Strangers' Reunion and Curious Palette every Tuesday (their usual off days), the proceeds would assist Sebastian in his medical treatment. Donation boxes are also available at these outlets, as well as Strangers @ Work (Collyer Quay).

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