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Monday, 21 December 2015

Dinner at Buyan Russian Restaurant & Caviar Bar @ Duxton

9 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089593
Tel: 6223 7008
Website: http://buyan.sg

It was time to have Christmas diinner with *Micaela again, and we thought of having Russian food. Since Rasputin Russian Restaurant (review here) has closed, she suggested trying Buyan Russian Restaurant and Caviar Bar. I readily agreed, since I love European cuisine.

The restaurant / bar was dimly-lit, with dark wood decor, to give it a very European feel - relaxing, foreign, contemporary and even intimate - the faux wooden walls bore testament to the descriptions. A bar counter and high tables lined one section of the room, while large cushy booths filled up the other.  I loved especially the mock-chandelier lights suspending from the ceilings, giving it a touch of enigma.

A caviar chiller stood almost stoically alone on the long bar counter, glowing in the darkness, it piqued my interest enough to go over to inspect what it was. Ok, this was a caviar bar to begin with, so I should have expected to see this.

Live band came on about 8.30pm, and the members were very affable, as were the service crew members (most of them, at least). They belted some pretty good songs; the only pity was the limitation when we tried to make requests.

*Micaela and I had the Soviet Sangria (SGD$18.00), made up of Polish Brandy and Russian red sparkling wine Abrau Durso, filled with fresh fruits within the drink. This bubbly elixir was sweet, refreshing and so very enjoyable that we ordered another round each. I also liked how they used Christmas-themed glasses to jazz up the festivity.

Starters were Rye Bread with butter (soft, surprisingly velvety despite its coarse-looking appearance and delicious in a muted manner) and the Fried Bread Crumbs that were crunchy and divinely delicious with fried onions taste (we believe they were fried in / with onions?).

For mains, *Micaela had the Chicken Kiev (SGD$28.00) - breaded chicken stuffed with clarified butter, served with baked vegetables and mushroom sauce. The crust of the chicken was crispy with the breaded butter layer, tasting alot of cheese; the chicken was tender and light in taste. It made for a simple but sumptuous dish.

I had one of their signatures - the Beef Straganov (SGD$32.00), fine beef strips served on mashed potatoes, embraced with creamy mushroom sauce. The beef strips were very tender, having been sliced rather finely; their rawer, sweeter taste infused with the wondrous taste of the luscious, umami mushroom sauce pooling it. The mashed potato was very soft, melting in the mouth immediately. This was a rather unforgettable dish.

I was just annoyed that an Indian waitress cleared it away WITHOUT asking if I was done, when I was slowly finishing every single delicious bit on the plate. Other than that, dining here was fun, relaxing and enjoyable due to the ambience, service, palatable food and live band.

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