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Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas at Indochine Rooftop Bar @ Supertree Grove

18 Marina Gardens Drive, Level 16, Gardens By the Bay, Singapore 018953
Tel: 6694 8489

No stranger to Gardens by the Bay or IndoChine restaurants, The Beau and I decided to go to IndoChine @ Supertree Grove for our Christmas Eve dinner / drinks. It seemed a crazy idea to visit this place because of the crowd we were anticipating, especially when the Christmas Wonderland was also situated here.

But where better to experience the Christmas ambience better in Singapore this year? We had debated between IndoChine Restaurant and IndoChine Rooftop Bar, since the price was around the same - we'd get a bottle of Champagne with the former (set of SGD$168++ per table) and we 'd get to order whatever we wanted for the latter.  We decided on the latter.

Note that there is an entry fee for the rooftop bar - SGD$18.00 consisting of a drink (choice of juice, soft drink, wine, beer or cocktail).

We took the elevator all the way up to level 16 (rooftop level) and were immediately greeted with the cool touch of breezes and magnificent views overlooking seas and the Marina Bay Sands areas. We could hear the carolers in the background, and service here was impeccable. We reached around 6.45am where the skies were slowly darkening, and we watched the moon forming over the gentle seas.  The views were more and more becoming as the night drew deeper.

We started with Hand-pounded Papaya Salad (SGD$18.00), made up of green papaya hand-pounded with dried shrimps, Asian spices, greens and Laotian dressing. We also spotted peanuts, carrot strips and tomatoes in the mix. The salad was refreshing, tangy and zesty all at once, making it very delicious and appetite whetting. The nuts added crunch to the salad.

Next, we had the Vietnamese Fresh Rice Papaer Rolls with Tiger Prawns (SGD$16.00), consisting of carrots, vegatables, rice vermicelli, Asian herbs and poached tiger prawn chunks diced delicately, rolled inside thin, translucent rice paper. The rolls were rather bland in taste; we could not even taste the sweetness of tiger prawns - it made a difference when dipped into the special traditional IndoChine sauce served on the side, though.

Then we had the Crispy Squid with Spicy Salsa Rosa & Barbecued Lime (SGD$18.00), comprising of grilled squid on wild rocket. The succulent squid chunks were tender and chewy, with a slightly-crispy battered coating. I enjoyed this even without dipping the squids into spicy salsa rosa; but it was a great dip, giving the mild-tasting squids a fiery kick.

Following that, we had the Crispy Lychee with Kurobuta Pork Loin and Bacon (SGD$24.00) - crispy lychee wrapped with kurobuta pork loin and apple-smoked bacon; served dressed with mayonnaise and ebikko. These dainty items were served on spoons; we loved the luscious, crispy exterior that paved the way to the tender pork within. The lychee aroma was rather distinctive, perfect for us both lychee lovers.

Throughout the course of the meals, we had some drinks to accompany the meal with a view. I started with a glass of Terre Forti Pinot Griogio delle Venezia 2013 (SGD$17.00), loving its smooth descent down my throat; followed by the mandatory Mojito (SGD$21.00). The Beau had an IndoChine Cocktail named Frosted Jade (SGD$20.00) - a flirtatious concoction of Midori Melon, Sourz apple Schnapps and Passionfruit vodka with a kiss of pineapple and lychee juice - sweetness to the soul.

Overall, it was a beautiful Christmas Eve meal and chilling out session, and we would definitely love to be back. Special thanks to Daniel for the arrangements!

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