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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Tea Time at Hoshino Coffee @ Capitol Piazza

13 Stamford Road #B2-55 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178905
Tel: 6384 5131

Another Japanese cafe chain has sprouted in various spots in sunny Singapore - yes, I have seen photos and posts on social media feeds from friends. To be frank, I'd never been keen until this elegantly-decorated outlet opened up at Capitol Piazza.

It was all about dark polished wood, crystal chandeliers and initimate colours giving this place a beautiful and almost enchanting setting. I just knew I had to come here for a meal sometime.  And what I want, I usually get - so I got Hoshino Coffee one evening finally, with two nice clients.

Looking at the food display sets at the entrance, each one molded to perfection - made me ravenous, and at the same time not knowing what to go for.

I started with an Iced Royal Milk Tea (SGD$7.50), which reminded me a little of the one I had at Henri Charpentier - smooth and milky but the tea fragrance still managed to shine through beautifully - the perfect thirst quencher.

This was slowly consumed about an hour before our stipulated meeting time.

Then I had an Iced Matcha Latte (SGD$9.00) - a little diluted so besides sweetness, with occasional hints of green tea, this drink left little impression unfortunately.

The Lobster Bisque Spaghetti (SGD$16.00) won my internal debate - was oscillating between this and the omelet rice. The broth was rather rich with flavour and in texture; the dish infused with scallops and prawns, while the pasta was quite springy. It did not give the "wow" factor, but was satisfying enough.

As for the Chocolate Fondant with Softee (SGD$9.80) was .... well, if you eat it as a chocolate sponge cake, it is decadent and rich in flavour. Even the touch of Softee vanilla ice-cream was rather inviting. But if you were expecting a luscious chocolate lava cascading out of the core onto the stark white plate - it'd be a letdown.

Overall, it is still a quiet, pretty place for meals and service was efficient and polite, so I would not mind giving Hoshino Coffee another go - maybe trying their hand drip coffee and omelet rice next time I visit.

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