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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Lunch at 5 Drunken Rabbits Bistro & Bar @ Pasir Ris Park

201 Pasir Ris Road, Singapore 519147
Tel:  6581 0842 

Another day of morning work completed, so we three decided to head to 5 Drunken Rabbits Bistro & Bar, a solitary cafe / restaurant / bar located at none other than Pasir Ris Park itself, having the luxury of occupying the vast expanse of space and sea-breezes.

A comfortable bistro for meals in the daytime, 5 Drunken Rabbits is the perfect place for drinks and chilling out by night, where the waves sing in the stark silence.   Whether one choose to sit indoors or outdoors, you would be treated to great views - sea or lush greenery - you have the say.

Desserts consisted of Tiramisu (SGD$12.80) - green tea or cocoa flavours are available, as well as some brownies and fruits etc.

I had a Corona (SGD$8.00) with a slice of lime, cooling the soul in this sweltering heat.

The Hoegaarden (SGD$14.00) was a huge pint, another cooling drink for this type of weather.

The Root Beer Float (SGD$6.50) was surprisingly dainty compared to the beer above, served in a glass instead of a mug.  It didn't overflow though, amazingly.

We started with Luncheon Fries (SGD$8.00), also known as "spam fries" to most of you - literally luncheon meat cut into sticks and deep-fried so that it is crispy in texture. I appreciated the fact that the luncheon fries here were not too salty - the savoury flavour was delightful and easy on the palate.

The Calamari (SGD$10.00) had a very light battering, giving the exterior a good crackle but the inside was soft and chewy; it was not greasy so we did not feel overwhelmed after polishing this off completely, including the crumbs.

As for the Carbonara (SGD$14.80) with bacon, mushroom, eggyolk and shaved parmesan - springy strands were well-soaked with the creamy smooth gravy redolent of mushroom taste. It was not the best, but a hearty dish best consumed hot / warm.

Finally, Baby Back Ribs (SGD$20.80) served with seasonal greens, baked potato and cherry tomatoes. The feedback was that the rack of ribs was well-marinated with a distinctive sweetness to it, with juicy and tender flesh.

As far as bistros go, the overall verdict was that the food was slightly above average, but one shouldn't expect Michelin's standards in bistros of course - the views and ambience more than made up for it, and service was efficient as promised.

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