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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Hightea Party @ Ur Resident Chef's

Tampines Avenue 1
Tel:  Please PM me for it (or message the links below for it)

I was glad to have been invited for an afternoon hightea party held and hosted by Sherene, the lovely baker behind Ur Resident Chef.  Besides customised and baked-to-order pastries and cakes, she also hosts private hightea parties and events for small groups, and each session comprises of different bakes. The price per pax starts from a mere SGD$10.00 onwards.

Let's take a look at what we had this time round.

From the 3-tiered high-tea tray, we had Hibiscus Shortbread on the top tier.  Sherene enjoys trying out new and different flavours and ingredients, thus the exploration of tea or floral flavours is not something unusual. The shortbread had a good crunch to its buttery body, the taste enhanced beautifully by the exotic  hibiscus hints. Needless to say, we cleared these little darlings pretty fast.

Next, there were Scones, baked to a perfect golden tone. These scones were crusty on the exterior - not hard - and fluffy within, making it easy to cut and bite through. Best of all, the scones were served with cream and fresh fruits jam - fig and strawberry here, but Sherene also has cherries, apricot jam etc. These jam were sweetened in their natural flavours and would go well with many things, I am sure.

The bottom tier contained Pound Cake, thoughtfully cut into small cubes. These deceptively-simple looking pound cake pieces held the very slightest crisp at the edges, and had a lovely spongy texture to it.

We also had some savoury nibbles - Cheese-stuffed Cherry Tomatoes with Basil - a burst of flavours indeed - tarty, sweet, saltish, and the heady fragrance of basil leaves - to be taken in one bite, flavours and textures exploding deliciously in the palate all at once. I could probably finish the entire dish.

Chocolate Pudding with Chantilly cream, cocoa nibs and fresh strawberries came next - luscious to the tongue, smooth to the touch; a truly indulgent dessert  for anyone.

Finally, Funfetti Angel Food Cake - the first time I've had angel food cake. This healthy cake uses egg whites and is gluten-free, so we felt free to indulge. The texture was moist; it was sweet but not cloying, and the fresh strawberries added zest to the pretty, colorful cake.

It was a very enjoyable session and there's usually tea served together with the cakes and desserts, of course.   Best of all is, Sherene uses healthy ingredients - fruits instead of artificial colorings, as well as other quality ingredients so guests always feel free to indulge without feeling guilty.

A very adorable family cat, Kuki, perches, so it felt like being at a Cat's Cafe as well. Well, I look forward to more hightea sessions with the hospitable hosts as we enjoy fresh, delicious bakes together again.  Thank you Sherene and M. for hosting us! Contact Ur Resident Chef today for your very own private hightea party!

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